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  1. Bass ackwards

    Ordering Wide sized lowa boots-unavailable in North America

    Try these guys: https://www.dstactical.com/lowa-mountain-gtx.html
  2. Bass ackwards

    Army.ca Christmas Message 2017

    A heartfelt Merry Christmas to Mike, the membership here and to the entire CF extended family. All the very best in the new year.
  3. Bass ackwards

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    I'll put this here for now rather than starting yet another white versus red topic. This is from the CBC and reproduced here under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/city-advocates-defend-anti-racism-billboards-1.4188754 City of...
  4. Bass ackwards

    Army.ca Staff Reset

    I thought these were worth repeating. A very few people put in a lot of their own time to try and keep this a first-class site. Thank you and BZ to those who did.
  5. Bass ackwards

    Question about C7A2/Aiming

    There are a surprising number of people who are right-handed but have a dominant left eye. I'd be curious to hear if that combination causes much grief for people trying to use sights with both eyes open.
  6. Bass ackwards

    New Toronto Police cars

    I can recall (because I was employed by one at the time) when cash-strapped police forces in Ontario had to spend a lot of money changing hat badges, signage and letterhead from XX Police Force to XX Police Service in order to reflect their kinder, gentler approach to dealing with the public...
  7. Bass ackwards

    All Things Negligent Discharge (merged)

    All it said was that he was in the process of loading it.
  8. Bass ackwards

    The WTF News Files

    It took decades to make an archer of the sort jjt refers to. Starting from childhood. I read somewhere that the Duke of Wellington seriously considered raising an archery corps due to the range, accuracy and rate of fire of the longbow but he was stymied by the above fact.
  9. Bass ackwards

    Islam and Western Society

    I think, when we are either unwilling or afraid to criticize the culture that brings honour killings to this country, then we are enabling them. Yes, they are illegal here. For now. I had a long Queeg-like rant detailing all the ways I think multiculturalism is being forced on us, but I...
  10. Bass ackwards

    All Things Negligent Discharge (merged)

    In cases like these it would be useful to know exactly what happened. Not to further embarrass the man but for the rest of us to learn from. I've been out for a very long time but I still handle firearms. I figure if it can happen to a guy with that much experience, then what should I be...
  11. Bass ackwards

    SYR Refugees to Canada (split fm SYR refugees thread)

    I wonder exactly what they mean by programming...
  12. Bass ackwards

    Islam and Western Society

    Personally, I find your various "flower hats" a lot less offensive than the sight of some lily-white WASP with 14 pounds of jewellery stuck in her face and a tattoo on her neck. But, to each their own... Where I have a problem with the "flower hat" is that I can't help but wonder if she's...
  13. Bass ackwards

    Outdoor Gear Thread

    Scott, I've used a few different half-tons with caps on the back for camping in. They've always worked fine for me. If you go the storage-under-the-bed route, do take care to keep it as low as possible -or restrict your storage to the sides. Slide-in campers are another option. They can be as...
  14. Bass ackwards

    Wings. An old BBC WW1 drama series

    There were a few other series' in the sidebar recommendations that looked fairly promising and I'm pretty sure that was one of them. I'll have to check it out.
  15. Bass ackwards

    Wings. An old BBC WW1 drama series

    I just finished watching this old series I stumbled across on Youtube. It dates from the early seventies and deals with the early days of the Royal Flying Corps -particularly during the "Fokker scourge". It only ran for two seasons. At times it seems to have more soap opera than combat and...
  16. Bass ackwards

    Islam and Western Society

    OK, I'm not much of a hand with computers, so please bear with my formatting here. When I brought up the point about everything fun being forbidden, I was joking and making fun of certain groups of scholars who seem to label everything forbidden. Don't get me wrong the historical "vices" are...
  17. Bass ackwards

    Islam and Western Society

    I will confess to being completely ignorant about Malaysia. A quick glance through wikipedia just now suggests that they're considerably more advanced or progressive than, say, Afghanistan under the Taliban. Thus a couple of questions: Is everything even remotely fun forbidden? (you alluded to...
  18. Bass ackwards

    Islam and Western Society

    Given the number of reports I've read of allegedly intelligent adults wandering into traffic, onto subway tracks and off the edge of cliffs while engrossed inĀ  this game, I'm not sure if this is the yardstick I'd use to predict whether their religion is going to outlast our society...
  19. Bass ackwards

    What book are you reading now?

    Thanks, dangerboy. That's another one I haven't read yet.
  20. Bass ackwards

    7-8 July 2016: Sharpshooter kills 5 cops @ Dallas protest

    I don't disagree with you Colin, but post that in the wrong place and you'll be burned at the stake for being a homophobe, an anti-feminist, or just an all around heretic. It is 2016 after all...