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  1. Stonegeneral

    C III R Medals

    Normally a coronation medal is struck for that occasion, though given that the GOC couldn't be bothered to issue one for the Platinum Jubilee it is anyone's guess if we get one....and if they do strike one, its another guess as to whether they turn it into some convoluted recognition of merit...
  2. Stonegeneral

    C III R Medals

    Given that he issued a separate cypher for Scotland, it would not be out of the question to propose a separate Canadian version that keeps St Edward's crown in lieu of the Tudor one he adopted for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  3. Stonegeneral

    C III R Medals

    Well the new royal cypher was unveiled today, so it won't just be effigies of our new King that need updating on medals and decorations. The decision to return to the Tudor Crown effects cap badges, buttons, rank insignia, etc.
  4. Stonegeneral

    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    There has to be something missing here, from QR&Os, it states "3.01 – RANKS AND DESIGNATION OF RANKS (1) The ranks of officers and non-commissioned members are set out in the schedule to the National Defence Act which is reproduced in column 1 of the table to this article." However in the...
  5. Stonegeneral

    Canada's New Defence Minister

    Given the stated and apparent priorities of the new government, I suspect that the MND's portfolio also isn't as high on the to-do list. Perhaps when the refugee resettlement process winds down and the budget is released they may find time to give him a bit more attention.....maybe.
  6. Stonegeneral

    Gone Are the Days of the NSCE?

    The NSCE was phased out as a result of the Cadet Program Update which standardized the program offering across the 3 elemental programs. There is however a system in place called the National Star of Excellence (NSE) which seeks to recognize army cadets whose performance and participation...
  7. Stonegeneral

    Canadian Civilians Fighting ISIS (including threats to YPG)

    Whether one supports the Prime Minister's newest proposal or not, I would be willing to bet that such legislation would be overturned by the SCC on the grounds of a person's mobility rights.
  8. Stonegeneral

    (SGT?) Franck Gervais (split from Walts, posers)

    I agree with Cantor, this individual has more than paid for his crimes. After all, one of the aims of the judicial system is to prevent an individual from re-offending, I think Mr Gervais has more than learned his lesson without the need for unnecessary imprisonment. The public is more well...
  9. Stonegeneral

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    I can't speak to the metal versions of the wings, but I do know the sewn wings are being recoloured to reflect the new silver/white facings and ranks. As for the belts, I still argue the change of belt and buttons has no basis in historical fact and is therefore a wasted effort. (Granted...
  10. Stonegeneral

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Logistik has been taking "self-identification surveys" to prepare orders for updated kit, with NCM rollout aiming for June-July and officers for August-September. I still don't understand why buttons are changing since pre-68 RCAF uniforms consisted of brass/gold buttons (a la RAF/RAAF/RNZAF etc).
  11. Stonegeneral

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Better get the tickets ready for the Canada 150 Medal lottery too...
  12. Stonegeneral

    Conservatives plan to legislate CAF unification into history?

    My read of the Budget Implementation Act seemed to suggest that the current rank schedule included in the NDA was to be replaced by one that actually removed references to old RCN and RCAF rank titles. As for references to the old services, it looks like they are just going to be written into...
  13. Stonegeneral

    Mess Kits

    It's quite possible it will turn out less in the end. I was running the math based on the pricing Andrei's has online for the Barathea naval mess kit (the closest example to the incoming RCAF version) and subtracting the cost of the vest.
  14. Stonegeneral

    Mess Kits

    Well, using Andrei Master Tailor's pricing as an example, NCMs (save for CWO) would be looking at about a $100 increase in cost due to the material used (so approx $875-900). Officers would be looking at about $1270 minimum for 2Lts.
  15. Stonegeneral

    Mess Kits

    Given the similarities in design and material, my guess is that the new RCAF mess dress will be in the same price range as the RCN pattern.
  16. Stonegeneral

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    This change would be in keeping with pre-unification RCAF rank insignia as the mess dress and full dress uniforms of the old service were worn in gold as opposed to the composite braid (blue and black rank braid) found in the old service dress.