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  1. QM

    Logistics vs Healthcare administration officer: army, air force, navy

    Probably the Navy would be best for living in cities. Halifax, Victoria, Ottawa, Kingston and Barrie would be the most common cities for you to be able to live in, although there is always a small risk that you could be sent to a smaller location. The Army and Air Force have several large bases...
  2. QM

    [Split] Discussion: Who is a civilian?

    I always thought the correct term to highlight their unique role in society was First Responders, alongside firefighters and paramedics, and occasionally some others. People who run towards the threat. As an aside, I also generally feel they are exposed to more personal risk, more frequently...
  3. QM

    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    Its already hard to find on any Canadian media sites beyond the original carrier, Global News, where it has amassed a meager 26 comments so far (and half of those are from nutbar gurus offering scam advice on how to make money on the internet). No one outside a small circle seems to care about...
  4. QM

    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Hi. Thanks for doing all this work, it really adds to the experience of being in uniform, a really great service to the community. Lots of time and work in all this! On the old format, there were links at the top of the page to show new activity since your last login, and new responses to your...
  5. QM

    Question sur une expression

    (Veuillez pardonnez la manque d'accents).  Ca peut indiquer quelqu'un qui est souvent la source de problemes, plus que normal; qui prend trops de temps pour le leadership d'administrer en comparaison de ses collegues; qui cause des problemes intentionnellement; qui n'est pas capable de reussir a...
  6. QM

    Former Canadian Forces officer sues federal government over mistaken identity...

    How on earth does someone think this comment is 'trolling'. Good grief. Someone asked me to elaborate on a post I made, and not knowing what part of the post he wanted explained, I asked him in the politest and most professional tone possible, what he wanted me to explain. That's it. I will...
  7. QM

    Former Canadian Forces officer sues federal government over mistaken identity...

    Sure. What part do you need to have elaborated?
  8. QM

    Former Canadian Forces officer sues federal government over mistaken identity...

    A google search brings up the stories from last August, with the poor guy's name still showing. Interstingly he was a Chief. The lame duck Canadian press corps continues to mis-understand the most basis things about the Canadian military; it is no surprise they (deftly aided by our own PA...
  9. QM

    PMV and Travel Limits While on TD

    Navy_Pete, small point here, but I don't think we are allowed to use AirBnB's. A guy in my unit had to eat the cost of an Air BNB he used on TD because there is supposedly a CANFORGEN denying us that option. Sorry that I don't have better details or a reference, but if you plan to use and claim...
  10. QM

    Looking for a Supply Technician

    I'm out of that world for a few years now, so can't offer any names, but you are looking for someone at Canadian Army Director of Land Requirements (DLR), or possibly the Royal Canadian Air Force Director of Air Requirements (DAR). They are the ones who devise the equipment requirements that...
  11. QM

    Travel Claim Timeframe

    While I don't have any guidelines or regulations at my fingertips, that is about the longest I have ever heard of a claim being "not started".  It's your money and you should not have to wait 2 damn months for them to START processing your repayment. I'm posted in Europe right now, in a remote...
  12. QM

    Pinball Thread

    Try this place next time you're in Vegas. Each table has an index card telling you the game's history, AND YOU CAN PLAY THEM!!!! http://www.pinballmuseum.org/
  13. QM

    Did not get on a connecting flight

    I honestly don't know the legalities, from a DND perspective, of skipping that last leg of a flight. I know the airlines hate it (it causes them paperwork and can cost them money - Lufthansa recently sued a guy for skipping the last leg of his flight to get a lower fare (look up 'hidden city'...
  14. QM

    New Cadpat

    Anecdotally (I'm posted in Europe right now, where a few nations as well as the US troops wear Multicam), Denmark regrets moving from a green and black pattern to Multicam to save costs, and will replace their Multicam with either something else...... or go back to distinct uniforms for...
  15. QM

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    I paid for mine in Euros and had zero problems getting my refund in Canadian dollars, converted by the Clerk at what the rate was on the day of purchase. Your Clerk is wrong, full stop. So, push back.
  16. QM

    Senior promotions, appointments and retirements (merged)

    I concur. I think a complementary question to ask alongside how many GOFO our allies have is how many Public Service Executives there are in other Canadian Federal Government Departments. In addition to military strategic jobs that require a GOFO despite a relatively small workforce working...
  17. QM

    DND Civilians supervising CAF members [Merged]

    The legal discussion is a separate one from the day-to-day workplace reality discussion. With regards to matters inside the Orderly Room, the civilian supervisor will indeed be in charge. It's his or her OR, and decisions impacting the operation of that OR will be at that leader's discretion...
  18. QM

    Ordering Wide sized lowa boots-unavailable in North America

    Another European company that stocks Lowas is asmc.com. They are German. Not sure about wide sizes but they respond to emails relatively quickly if you want to ask them.
  19. QM

    COMMENTARY: Canada’s military procurement legacy somehow gets even stupider

    There are hundreds of projects in the pipeline across all the Level 1's. New equipment is constantly being delivered. I'm not pimping for our procurement system but although it is painfully slow and insanely intricate, it does constantly deliver new equipment. All we ever read about is the...
  20. QM

    FS: Snugpak Sleeka Elite reversible jacket

    I'll vouch for this product. An outstanding piece of kit. Warmer than it should be for something so lightweight, it's windproof and packs up nice and small. They fit large, so pay attention to the measurements (I am 5'10 / 170lbs and I swim in a large). But definitely a worthwhile buy!