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  1. chrising

    Lease Liability for Ontario IRP

    BLUF: How long does the CF cover rent after we leave? I'm 3 months into a 1 year lease and will be posted shortly (<60 days). Does anyone have any experience with how lease liability is administered, especially for how long IRP will pay to cover the rest of the lease in the event that the...
  2. chrising

    Ceremonial Belt Hooks

    Hello, Trying to figure out how to place these hooks onto my army deu tunic. Do I cut the fabric at the stitches?
  3. chrising

    HSGI Warlord V1

    Good day, HSGI Warlord V1 in Cadpat - Like New Condition $140 shipped Measuring 11" H X 21" W in size , it's feature include : 4 modular pistol mag pouches which can attach in numerous locations on the Warlord V-1 , 2 / 32 oz. Hydration Bottles or 1 qt. issue canteen pouch with PALS webbing...
  4. chrising

    CP Gear Ops Pack

    Have for sale in like new condition and CP Gear Ops Pack http://www.cpgear.com/graphics/StoreBox/products/1399/ops5.jpg $200 shipping included. EMT preferred
  5. chrising

    Class A over 16 days a month, Class A over 80 days a year

    Thanks you everyone for your help!
  6. chrising

    Class A over 16 days a month, Class A over 80 days a year

    Good day all, I am trying to find the regulation that states Class A cannot be over 16 days a month and more than 80 days a year. I have looked through the QR&Os and the DAODs trying to find this and have been unsuccessful. I fall under CMP if this makes a difference... Should you do find...
  7. chrising

    CP Gear Ops Pack

    Have for sale a like new condition CP Gear Ops Pack (http://www.cpgear.com/StoreBox/pack/5008_0.htm). Bought it a while back but never used it. $200 shipping included. EMT preferred.
  8. chrising

    Medical Technician ( Med Tech )

    Medcorps, The program that is paying for Res F Med A to become Reg F QL3 Med Tech is what is more commonly referred to as "PCP Initiative." Everything you've stated in regards to the program is correct. The main incentive for the member is not only to become QL3 Med Tech qualified but the...
  9. chrising

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    I think Theline is refering to his parade nights and weekend trg from his reserve unit. Personally, I've heard two version of this. The first is units saying don't come to parade when on course. The other is that no order was given to come or not come to parade. I personally went to parade while...