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  1. JesseWZ

    How Boot Polish Kept my House from Burning Down (A true but cautionary tale)

    Thanks for the replies and well wishes all. I can confirm it was indeed Kiwi Parade Gloss. Only the best.
  2. JesseWZ

    How Boot Polish Kept my House from Burning Down (A true but cautionary tale)

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've had any ability to log on here and I apologize. I've recently left the military and had a number of struggles with my family medically which has occupied a lot of time and attention over and above moving across the country and starting a new career. I felt...
  3. JesseWZ

    Armyrick's Land Healing Farm...

    I've got tons of respect for farmers (and I'm not just saying that because my father in law is one). Long hours, constant crisis management, so dependent on weather, I couldn't do it.
  4. JesseWZ

    Armyrick's Land Healing Farm...

    As someone closely related to farmers (beef cattle, sheep and grain) and growing up in the prairies, I am loving the updates.
  5. JesseWZ

    CAF Pension managed by PWGSC

    After much searching, I have found it buried in a payment remittal form from when I was last on leave without pay. For everyone's info the: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Registered Pension Plan (RPP) Registration number is: For the Canadian Forces Pension Fund: 0355495 For the Canadian Forces...
  6. JesseWZ

    CAF Pension managed by PWGSC

    Sorry to bring up a dead topic. I elected a transfer value and am attempting to complete the paperwork. The CRA T2151 E form (Direct Transfer of a Single Amount Under Subsection 147(19)) requires I put an RPP Registration Number in, however I have no idea what that number is. I wouldn't...
  7. JesseWZ

    Feds Cut Reimbursements for Military Health Care

    I got to say, I’m a bit bewildered this situation passed the Globe and Mail test in somebodies office - and during an election year no less.
  8. JesseWZ

    #FedElect2019 VAC Promises

    As someone who is releasing very shortly and hoping to take advantage of 80 g's of fresh green education money, I am very much hoping whoever wins does not renege on that benefit. Regardless of the party that put it in place, that policy is a winner with me.
  9. JesseWZ

    "Senior RCMP intelligence director arrested, facing multiple charges"

    All of those scenarios are very damaging on their own, and may well cause tension with the 5 Eyes and other allies if proven to be the case.
  10. JesseWZ

    Man arrrested in death of MCpl Martin Brayman

    I was on tour with Marty. He was a good dude through and through. Sucks he's gone. Rest in Peace mate.
  11. JesseWZ

    BMQ / BMOQ: Travel Orders

    Gruber: Something's you will have to take on faith. You should be focusing on succeeding in your application. Anxiety surrounding how you will get from A to B will waste your energy as you don't even know if you will be going to "B" yet. Rest assured, there are multiple options for...
  12. JesseWZ

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    I think you have been mis-informed or misunderstood and should go back to your recruiter with your questions. The CFAT is not a two part test.
  13. JesseWZ

    Who does what in policing?/Pressures (split fm BC Murder thread)

    I'll add to this with a personal anecdote. I dropped into Nelson, BC last year to interview a participant in an investigation. We often utilize the interview rooms of local detachments when we're on the road. I had dealt mostly with civilian administration staff on the phone, but I had been...
  14. JesseWZ

    BC Murders / MB Manhunt of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky

    The publicly available BC Court Services Online tells a different story of dad then the one he tells about himself. I only searched Victoria Provincial Court (as I understand he has lived in other jurisdictions) but I came up with a lot of results over a number of years for criminal harassment...
  15. JesseWZ


    Was it not LGen Eyre (as the CMP) that took the reigns on the BGRS card nonsense from last APS, communicated quickly and effectively to those affected and fixed the problem ASAP (faster than I've ever seen any administrative issue fixed in the CF)?
  16. JesseWZ

    Chief Military Judge Col Mario Dutil Charged

    And MP's when conducting an investigation, and a host of other folks who retain some independence from the chain of command on some issues but are still subject to the listed above. The authority for medical folk to be the authority in medical matters is hard coded into orders - same with MPs...
  17. JesseWZ

    Former Canadian contractor in AFG not getting federal help

    Perhaps I need to don my tin foil hat here, but from reading the article, I feel like there is more to the story. We (the collective we) approached him to utilize his expertise in a war zone. From all accounts, it sounds like he did an outstanding job. I have to wonder, since he was not a...
  18. JesseWZ

    The joy of absence - How some companies fight the curse of presenteeism

    My office recently moved to 10 hour work days, 4 days a week. Staffing is arranged so we're always manned during the "business day" (7-5, M-F). Speaking only for myself, what a positive difference it made. Morale is up, I feel more productive, and I can knock out a trip to Comox and back...
  19. JesseWZ

    Howzabout an int'l tribunal to try ISIS'ites?

    This is an extremely good idea to ensure fairness and transparency to the process, and eliminate a pesky political problem for all member states. If there is opportunity, any nation dealing with returning fighters should try and get in on it.
  20. JesseWZ

    Did not get on a connecting flight

    I'll caveat this with the preface that I travel a LOT for work. In excess of 75 flights per year. The booking agency (HRG) reports missed flights back to the travel arranger (your unit member) who could should wonder why the CF (but actually the unit or whoever's funds are being used with this...