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  1. AlphaCharlie

    Wanted - Vert Grip for C7/C8

    Right on then.
  2. AlphaCharlie

    What I want for Xmas (Body Armour Related)

    And how much did you pay for yours again? Mine was free. As for the laughter, I don't know about your chain of command but our company has already bought us several pairs of goggles and gloves as well as leg pouches for M203 rounds, headlamps and LED flashlights.
  3. AlphaCharlie

    Wanted - Vert Grip for C7/C8

    If you're thinking of buying it, don't waste your money. It's not that great of a grip, I was just sugguesting maybe trying to get it issued...
  4. AlphaCharlie

    Wanted - Vert Grip for C7/C8

    Yep, one and the same.
  5. AlphaCharlie

    Wanted - Vert Grip for C7/C8

    I don't see why not, it wasnt a coy specific item or anything, should be available to anyone as far as I know, maybe they are for people deploying only, but hey that's you. I would at least look into it -- ours are made by Cadex. There's no NSN or stock number on them, except the rail that comes...
  6. AlphaCharlie

    Wanted - Vert Grip for C7/C8

    TN2IC, vertical grips are in the system, we got them issued before we left. Maybe you can get one that way?
  7. AlphaCharlie

    What I want for Xmas (Body Armour Related)

    Considering that so far in my tour, the plates have already saved a life, I wouldn't say they are junk. As for goggles, we have been issued aftermarket stuff, purchased by our coy and it works great. If you *really* need something, the army will give it to you, and if your CoC has any common...
  8. AlphaCharlie

    What I want for Xmas (Body Armour Related)

    Under NO circumstances would you be allowed your own body armour overseas. It puts the CF at an enormous risk if you were to get injured wearing non CF issued PPE (personal protective equipment). We're not allowed to wear non-issue ballistic eye wear over here for that same reason; if we were to...
  9. AlphaCharlie

    Swiss Army Worries About Thousands Of Recruits Unfit For Service

    I really don't think it's as bad as they think it is, remember they are taking their data from an entire country's population of young men. If you put all of Canada's young men in the application process I would wager that the pass rate would be about 60%. Think how many fail the application...
  10. AlphaCharlie

    Format of Memos

    I realise this is a large BUMP but should it not say "PROTECTED A" at the top and bottom of the memo? Thanks
  11. AlphaCharlie

    who had that tattoo in their avatar with the cnd flag behind claw marks?

    That's a really neat tattoo but i can't remember who has it. It might be on another forum though..... anyone?
  12. AlphaCharlie

    This is...an odd game...to say the least.

    -you have 3 up arials that you can use when you're falling and you're in the screen (used to kick you back up, either to increase altitude or get away from danger) -you have a rechargable down arial that you can use right when you bounce up and you're still in the screen (used to hit a certain...
  13. AlphaCharlie

    Don't bring a rifle to a tank fight....

    Warning: umm.. no real gore but I think some guy dies... http://inhonor.net/videos/uped/fl_video.php?f_num=148500
  14. AlphaCharlie

    After BMQ and SQ!

    What exactly ARE you asking?
  15. AlphaCharlie

    Taking Pictures in your Army Career?

    On my courses last summer the instructors encouraged us to take lots of pictures, as many of them regretted not taking pics when they did their courses.
  16. AlphaCharlie

    special "field only" kit for this season?

    Now that it's getting nice and chilly out, I was wondering what you experienced guys use for extra field kit (i.e. not "authorized" kit). I've seen some guys with balaclavas and such.... what do you guys like to have? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Also, what are some warm but...
  17. AlphaCharlie

    Driving???/slight bladder prblem

    Do you need your civvie license to get your 404s?
  18. AlphaCharlie

    Showers - Nudity

    EYES. Chest hight and above. No Lower.
  19. AlphaCharlie

    A few pictures from my courses and Arcon

    Blackhawks are loud. and they were my fav part.
  20. AlphaCharlie

    Now Grits want $700M military cut

    Wow... thats a lot of money to just give up...