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  1. Gayson

    Combat Eng. skills in Private Sector?

    Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists
  2. Gayson

    Combat Eng. skills in Private Sector?

    OACETT has a policy to award former Combat Engineers with SGT / WO experience with certification as an Engineering Technologist.
  3. Gayson

    DCS @ RMC

    UPDATE Liaison office finally got back to me. Since engineering is not available at a distance directly through DCS, I can actually apply for fulltime engineering studies, at a non-subsidized rate, through DCS. This means that I would remain within the DCS while attending the engineering...
  4. Gayson

    DCS @ RMC

    I'm currently a Cpl in the reserves. I'm finishing off a Civil Engineering Technology diploma at Humber as well as working on a B.Sc part-time through the division of continuing studies at RMC. Upon completing my diploma I wish to move onto university to complete a B.Eng. I have some...
  5. Gayson

    Older Pams

    At the same time, it's funny how many things haven't changed much at all. Many moons ago my mother was a member of the LSSR then later the service battalion in Thunder Bay.  It was so uncommon for women to join the military that there was a newspaper article on her when she got on a plane to...
  6. Gayson


    I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear (or not surprised at all) that half the students in a class I took thought Canadians were fighting in Iraq. Honestly, I find the arguments made by many groups, especially the less educated and informed ones, to be rather irrelevant.
  7. Gayson

    a problem...wonder if i'm alone....

    I took a course last year called War and Terrorism. Myself and one other were pretty much the only non-hippies there. Luckily, very very few of them ever figured out I was a member of the CF, might have been bad. Luckily, the actual professor held a somewhat non-biased stance (She was...
  8. Gayson

    Guilty plea in HIV-assault case

    Good news the two guys came up negative after testing.
  9. Gayson

    Canada eyeing reservists to bolster force in Afghanistan

    Most schools have programs set up for military service.  At my institute I simply need to tell my program coordinator what the deal is and he makes the arrangements for my integration back into class.
  10. Gayson

    The Closing of CFB Chilliwack & No Regular Force Army Battalions in BC?!

    I have to agree. BC has a very large coastline and a large population. I don't believe Vancouver is going to get attacked anytime soon, but I think it makes sense to have a battalion there.  If Canada were to ever be attacked, it's coasts would provide a good means to land troops. At the same...
  11. Gayson

    Spr McTeague, Others, Healing

    Read this article in the paper, tough times he's going through, I'm glad to see he is doing such a good job.
  12. Gayson

    Movement Offers Ideological Alternative to Taliban

    I completely agree with your last post. Sadly, violence is a crucial and required means of removing the taliban.  We need to remove their influence with force as much as possible before an ideology will be able to grow.  I believe the development of an ideology, such as the movement you brought...
  13. Gayson

    Movement Offers Ideological Alternative to Taliban

    I see this as great news. Victory in Afghanistan, complete victory, where a democratic government is able to maintain the country with stability, is a long way away.  To achieve this aim, in many ways an ideology within the country needs to be developed so that the government and its citizens...
  14. Gayson

    Welcome to Pretendahar

    When I used it, my unit provided the staff.  I think this is how it's going these days. To bad the roof collapsed from snow.
  15. Gayson

    Welcome to Pretendahar

    I have trained inside that hanger. The mock town looks very impressive and offers a lot of training value.
  16. Gayson

    SQ and Deployments

    I believe it may have changed over at the time.  I did BMQ and SQ in fall 2003, and I recall that I was on the first serials of those courses for reserves. But that was a long time ago. . .
  17. Gayson

    Afghan civilians stop terror attack at U.S. base

    To goes to show you, acts like these only prove that we are making positive changes to the country.
  18. Gayson

    Water Tunnel?

    Those are pics of the British Forces.  It's likely that guy was a recruit for the Royal Marines.
  19. Gayson

    German Stealth Suit?

    No, it helps protect you from blister and nerve agents. And even then . . .
  20. Gayson

    CSOR on CBC Sept 10, 11:00

    One of my teachers is a P Eng Civil Engineer from UofT who worked on the project to determine how the structures failed. It all came down the steel heating beyond its elastic limit and contractors not using specified materials. I don't see much room for a conspiracy.