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  1. gun runner

    CF Combat Camera - Best of 2012

    Awesome pictures.
  2. gun runner

    "Proposed law would strip Canadian citizenship for acts of war"

    There are soldiers in our forces who are not citizens of our nation. They come from other Commonwealth countries(the only other way people can serve in a Commonwealth Armed Service), and are usually in the process of obtaining citizenship. Those members of our forces that are born citizens of...
  3. gun runner

    Aboriginals in the army

    Have you asked your friends to consider the Bold Eagle program? It is an excellent program, and will allow the candidates to train alongside other FN candidates in a CF training ground. There are sessions with elders, and candidates are given the chance to provide feedback during the program. I...
  4. gun runner


    You are correct. I am a Lieutenant with an Army cadet corps, and I was deemed OFP after my LETC course. I spent the time after my BOTC/OCC course teaching basic(green star) cadets the Cadet program for their level every LHQ session. I still spend my time in the classroom/parade square when I am...
  5. gun runner

    Truth Duty Valour 2 Parts

    Gotta hand it to them, they have the balls to try out for the badge. Win or lose, they have my respect, always. Ubique
  6. gun runner

    War Museum vandals sought by Ottawa police

    If these two idiots are the culprits, and they have been successfully tried and found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then and only then, should they be made to stand on the steps of the National War Monument next Rememberance day, and tell the nation why they did what they did, and formally...
  7. gun runner

    What to do

    As a CIC officer, I see this action happen year after year. Cadets sign up in the fall, upon hearing what their buddies did at camp that summer. They get kitted out, start drill, etc, etc. Then shortly after Rememberance day, the honeymoon is over. I am not sure if it is societies regards for...
  8. gun runner

    14 Nov 12: Israel Launches Operations in Gaza

    I wonder if this will explode into a regional conflict, instead of a Syrian civil war. This is gonna get crazy.
  9. gun runner

    Remembrance Day YouTube Video

    Thanks for that link. Ubique
  10. gun runner

    2Lt. NWO Cdt. Corps. seeking info on RCIS Central.

    Hey there, I am seeking info on our corps new RCIS region. We were recently informed that effective immediately, our corps ceased to be a RCIS(Pra), and moved into central. Where is the Regional RCIS located? Who do we communicate with? If members were selected for course in Pra Region, will...
  11. gun runner

    Soldier triaged wife and passengers in Feb 2012 derailment

    Bravo Zulu to you for your efforts. Well done! Cheers
  12. gun runner

    Wearing Uniform in Public (Cadets)

    As a CIC in a small town, as in most small towns with cadet activities, we are sometimes the only visible CF members that people will see. My town has a PRes unit in town, and they are very visible most days. People are proud to have a CF unit here, and they support all activities that the two...
  13. gun runner

    Mathieu LeClair, R.I.P.: Body Identified as missing RMC Cadet

    My condolences to the family, friends, and fellow classmates of Ocdt.Leclair. Rest in Peace. :cdn: :yellow:
  14. gun runner

    Cenotaph/Memorial Vandalism/Solutions-Laws (merged)

    Brothers and Sisters, these two meatheads will get some stern words from the judge, and probably a fine, but it will end there. The 'system' is too broken to give the punishment that these two deserve. I am sure this will quickly die in the nations press, due to lack of interest( no blood, guts...
  15. gun runner

    I'm going to be 17 and a red star, is there a chance of me ever going to camp?

    Cadet, I do not believe you will attend a CSTC as a staff cadet. As for the CL/CLI courses, well, thta will be up to the TrgO,CO, ACO to determine. Do you have cadet basic?
  16. gun runner

    Canada Command boss: More equipment than needed?!?

    Kratz...have you seen some of the territory that some units have to deal with? Take the Reserve battery in my hometown, the next unit available is in either ThunderBay( five hours away), or Winnipeg( two and a half hours away). The 116 would be the first responder for a district that is the...
  17. gun runner

    Discussing Military Quotes.

    My favorite quote comes from my old Admin WO. He was a friend, and a mentor to me and will be missed. " ......Fact, not fiction, dogmeat...and don't you forget it!" WO Charles Sinclair, 116 Indep FD Bty. Rest in peace Chuck. Ubique
  18. gun runner

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I wear a LUMINOX series 3000/3900 v3. It has the Tritium inserts around the dial, and is water resistant to 200m. love it.
  19. gun runner

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Congratulations, Cpl.Matheson! Well done. Ubique
  20. gun runner

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Congratulations, Cpl.Hrycuik! Well done. Ubique