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    How to appeal

    Hello all, I learned today that I wasn’t accepted by Ottawa due to medical reason, according to Ottawa I fall under G5. G5 stating that I need medical attention or supervision every 6 months. The problem is I don’t, I haven’t seen a doctor in almost two years, I called my family Doctor and she...
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    What next in my process

    I have done CFAT, cleared the PT, passed the medical, I heard now that my clearance is good to go. What is the next step? What else is missing ? I applied for INT trade,
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    joining now, I am 38
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    Hoping to join the Reserves

    For the most part the training would be weekends  + a day/month which is during the week, in such a day it would be getting in around 6pm and leaving at 1-2am. - also consider that depending on the role you applied you may need different levels of security clearance,  the top-level security...
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    Wanted Officer but for NCM

    Thank you so much for such a speedy answer, I really appreciate it. My degree is Computer Science, and I applied for Intelligence Officer. (Reserve). I will indeed talk to my recruiter about retaking the CFAT and take it from there. Awesome everyone, you have answered all my doubts. Best.
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    Wanted Officer but for NCM

    Hello, sorry for what may be a silly question. I am 37, and have held a university degree for over 11 years, I have a full time work as manager for the last 7 years, and currently enrolled in a MBA. I applied for reserve as officer, With my university degree, and experience I thought it would...