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  1. STA Gunner

    21 May 14 - LCol Dan Bobbitt, 2 RCHA, R.I.P.

    Dan is a peer of my generation.  He and I were instructors at the school together.  We worked together frequently over our careers. He will be missed.  EOM Dan, stand easy.
  2. STA Gunner

    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

    And for anyone who has had Predator or Reaper support allocated to them, an armed UAV will be pulled off their task as a matter of first course to apply fires to another target. It is a real harsh tradeoff. However, when we were flying ScanEagle, we could by completely silent and gather up...
  3. STA Gunner

    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

    Say that to the troops on the ground being overwatched by ScanEagle.  Unarmed, yet indispensible.
  4. STA Gunner

    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

    It can be, under the right circumstances.  A UAV that can launch munitions requires runway to take off and land.  A smaller one that is used for ISR can be point launched and recovered.  A UCAV requires weapons handlers.  One without does not.  A UCAV takes hours to prep and get into battle.  A...
  5. STA Gunner

    Project Noctua & the Heron UAV - Interim capability to support Afghanistan Ops

    I disagree.  Being able to track a belligerent to his safe house can provide much more value than just hammering him with the one Hellfire that an UCAV can carry.  As an ISR platform, it is much more valuable in providing SA to commanders and soldiers on the ground. Predator is unavailable for...
  6. STA Gunner

    Shilo - Trig Points and OPs

    Bailey existed long before Beetle's death in '00.  However, in '01 we put in calibration line. Keen was added in '01, on the 10th anniversary of Mike's death. Wojo is still in Shilo.  Working at range control.  May be like he died?  :lol: I would recommend looking at the Seventh Book of...
  7. STA Gunner

    Weapon Locating Radar System and Carrier

    These are significant departures from thet ARTHUR system.  EQ36 will work, as will a couple of other considerable systems out there.
  8. STA Gunner

    Sniper Spotting UAV

    Are you proposing putting it on the AV? My read of the article is that the AV is on station above a camp, for example,  and the acoustic sensors are on the ground.  The ground based sensors tri-laterate the sound location and cue the AV onto that location. I don't believe an acoustic sensor on...
  9. STA Gunner

    UAVs....... hand me downs?

    I have been a proponent of having an Aerostat tethered balloon for our operations overseas.  We could have it on a 3000 metre tether and see well over the AO in Kabul or Kandahar.  Granted it is not perfect and distance will cause problems, but it is operational 24 hours per day, not the 3 to 4...
  10. STA Gunner

    Artillery Cadet Units

    3034 Blue Mountain Rangers RCACC Affiliated with the Artillery School.
  11. STA Gunner

    Just How Much "infantry work" in the artillery?

    GO!!  Please read my post again. I did not denigrate the role of the infantry.  I said that the Gunner can and must learn some infantry skills so that the gunner can do his/her job without requiring the infantry escort.
  12. STA Gunner

    Just How Much "infantry work" in the artillery?

    In all fairness, not too many people have done the "infantry stuff" for years.  Not even the infantry.  So the sly remarks about bombing around between combat teams holds just about as much water as saying that you need an infantry company, rather than a gun battery, or armoured squadron, to...
  13. STA Gunner

    Mini UAVs and 'B' bty

    The Artillery School was designated COE for all Land Force UAVs threee years ago, prior to the arrival of the Sperwer.  And Horsegunner is right, the doctrine for all UAVs is being intensely written by Tactics Battery at the school.
  14. STA Gunner

    Mini UAVs and 'B' bty

    We must keep in mind that the mini UAV is not going to be an "artillery" asset.  The artillery is going to fly them in Afghanistan because we are the closest to having the requisite skill sets needed to fly them competently in theatre. Eventually, the mini UAV will migrate to the infantry...
  15. STA Gunner

    New Guns for 1 RCHA...

    If we are discussing the M777, the four will go to Afghanistan, and the other two will become the training guns for subsequent rotations and maintenance training. As for the four gun battery, the latest as we received it in Gagetown was that only four guns will be manned.  And for the short...
  16. STA Gunner

    Precision and Accuracy in the call for fire

    In all likelihood, the section commander will not be in direct comms with the FOO either.  He will send up his report, with his requirement for fire and it will go up his company net to battalion.  At that point the FSCC at battalion will initiate the fire mission. As much as most field gunners...
  17. STA Gunner

    Precision and Accuracy in the call for fire

    Gobsmacked, Just to clarify one thing.  Dollars don't mean payoff.  By payoff we are talking about an effect that will create a positive reaction for our commander's plan.  Using the BMP example, unless the destruction of that single BMP was necessary for the success of the Brigade Commander's...
  18. STA Gunner

    Real world Artillery Regts

    Odd that.  It is being stressed at the Maj level at the school not to call it a STA battery, but at the LCol level and outside the school they are being called STA batteries So in the end we will have 1 STA battery with a FOO troop and 2 batteries with field equipment.  ;) I think it will...
  19. STA Gunner


    Last I heard (about two weeks ago) he has joined the militia in Vancouver.
  20. STA Gunner

    Question of the Hour

    According to this http://www.diggerhistory.info/images/badges-asstd/chart.JPG It is thirteen. What is the name of the effects of an artillery round that cause it to  drift from a true trajectory? (hint, there are two effects)