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  1. Recce41

    The FACTS: 2 more Canadian Soldiers KIA in Afghanistan 04/11/07

    No Pentlands but Stewarts. Pentland was single.
  2. Recce41

    11 Apr 2007 - MCpl Allan Stewart, Tpr Patrick Pentland, RCD

    Fellas As posted on another thread. Im headed back. Ill pass this on to the Sqn. Thanks to all, both will be missed.:salute: :cdn:
  3. Recce41

    The FACTS: 2 more Canadian Soldiers KIA in Afghanistan 04/11/07

    Well Fellas Im heading back on the 18th . Its going to be hard for the Sqn. RIP Stu and Pat. Bold and Swift.  :salute:
  4. Recce41

    Non-Jumping Paras and Scots Sharing Kilts

    Highland Regts are entitled to kilts bought and payed for by the Goverment. They are not ceramonials, they are just as for our DEUs. I still have my kilt from the E&Ks when I left. I payed extra for the double pleats.
  5. Recce41

    Non-Jumping Paras and Scots Sharing Kilts

    Kilts are CF supplied, only ceremonial dress is puchased for the Regt by the Regt or Guilds. Each Regt does get some monies for those. But it is very small. Only the Foot Guards, Fort Henrys, RNBRs and some other tourist Regts get theirs paid, as I believe out of a tourism.
  6. Recce41

    Non-Jumping Paras and Scots Sharing Kilts

    Sorry to say, but your system sucks as well. There has to be a balance between give and take.
  7. Recce41

    C Sqn standing up

    Well, when I was down a CTC. The pioneers were looking on the books. As for asst troop, they may have gone. But there was a course review last spring. Look, at the tanks. They were headed for the range now a fresh coat of paint and gone. So what ever I was smoking was the same as the rest of CTC.
  8. Recce41

    C Sqn standing up

    I think I remember that pic. Im sending it to the Obser. To make sure. By the way, C Sqn is coming and the Pioneers are coming back. Asst Troop is most likely coming also. Things do go in circles.
  9. Recce41

    Another sad day in the Dragoons

        Craig was a very good friend of mine. We were together with the Hussars and maybe one of the longest who has know him since he joined. I wish I could have go and be a Bearer, but due to family reasons cannot. He is a true Hero. Rest in Peace my Dear Friend, watch over those that are still...
  10. Recce41

    U.S. Army Says 5.56mm Is Adequate

    I still love my 7.62. AAAAAh the FN. Even on those windy days in Petawawa it would hit centre.
  11. Recce41

    CSOR manpower needs part 2

    Fellas I know Medic very well, although he wimped out and left the Corp. HAHA Ash. I agree with ParaCowboy, to attack anothers trade is not called for. I know many of Inf types that have not seen the field since QL3. Many from 2 RCR turned down their selection. I had one MCpl that was...
  12. Recce41

    Petawawa Thread- Merged

    Spent 19 yrs in Pet and now going back. The family loved it. Kids enjoyed it better than Gage.
  13. Recce41

    Windsor Police Officer Killed

    After 125 yrs of being one of the only cities that had not had a peaceofficer killed. A dark day in my home town. It shocks me about the age of the lil basT@#$s. RIP.
  14. Recce41

    CADPAT Rain Gear

    Well maybe you should look at the jackets some of our drivers wear. If oil and diesel doesn't eat Gor, why does my own have labels "Don't expose jacket to oils". I have a damn whole in one of my sleeves, after I splashed gas on it.
  15. Recce41

    Ideal Fitness Training?

    I posted the frist month training program for the CSOR test I have used, I will post month 3 and 4 next week.
  16. Recce41

    The Inevitable Debate on Half Masting

    It was during WW2 that the Flag remained half staff during the war. It was only raised on 1 July for those yrs. From my wife's point, it does not have to be every flag across Canada. Just it is a form of honour given to our friends. It's lowered for members of Parliament when they pass. In...
  17. Recce41

    The Inevitable Debate on Half Masting

    Here one fellas, the CPC phoned (Yesterday) Saturday. The lady spoke to my wife about if she would join the CPC party and does she support the CPC. Well, my wife holds no punches. She blased the lady about the flag. And told her she would never vote for the PCs again. The lady just said who...
  18. Recce41

    fitness knowledge

    Here's a great military fitness site. The fella there is ex Navy Seal. http://www.redwhiteandbluefitness.com/Home.html But if you want fitness try the Ranger site. When I was course loaded for the Pathfinder course. I could find any thing to get me started. I found the Ranger site to be the...
  19. Recce41

    Lt. Turner, Cpl. Dinning, Bdr. Mansell, and Cpl. Payne Killed- April/ 21/ 2006

    RIP, Fellas The only thing I would like to add is the Flag lowering thing. As my wife said today. If Harper really cared, it would be half staff.  :cdn: :salute: