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  1. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    Sgt, did M/Cpl Moron fall asleep during his watch? [already been looked after by you via internal discipline] No Sir. Would never happen, right? EDIT: not saying there isn't something here, but 'deceit' seams weak, weak, weak as a charge. Like hands in pocket....
  2. Bruce Monkhouse

    CERB issues at CRA. Federal Employees fired.

    Especially when nurses were one of the trades that could make as much money as they wished during covid. It worked that way for me also, I could have done 16 hours anyday,everyday had I wished....
  3. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    Always told the 100% pure truth to your bosses?? Deceit it is then........do you think you should be fired? Sorry, I'd need to know way more before casting grief on this one.
  4. Bruce Monkhouse

    Photo from KSVI-TV shows a massive Chinese spy balloon over Montana

    Its headed to the train station...
  5. Bruce Monkhouse

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I'm not sure you can say that about a regime that doesn't care about personal losses at the coal face.
  6. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    I have to stop reading about the Ottawa Police.........time for a reboot.
  7. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    I can live with that......standard stuff. I can't live with this......sorry, you are supposed to be on the right side. This wasn't a judgement call type of possible misconduct. You need to be gone.
  8. Bruce Monkhouse

    2 RCHA 70th ANNIVERSARY REUNION26 - 28 MAY 2023

    This sounds like a plan for the weekend of 26 to 28th May this year.... https://rca-arc.org/event-calendar-national/?fbclid=IwAR0UOCaufL36DQMdx9dxe4HaMVlVD85T_IAymvQGyN-o-2kRYzOVEhEVbbE
  9. Bruce Monkhouse

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Not one of the "top five" would be there if the media in that time period were the garbage can-searching jackals of today.
  10. Bruce Monkhouse

    Pinball Thread

    Same here.....but things have slowed down so maybe prices will go down a little. I have one for sale that would have been gone in a day last year at this time......been a week now, no bites. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-art-collectibles/guelph/gottlieb-devils-dare-pinball-machine/1647799773
  11. Bruce Monkhouse

    Pinball Thread

    Sweet, but needs some artwork on it. What game is it? EDIT -Edmonton? Just firming up my plans to be at the biggest show in Canada. YEGPIN Pinball & Arcade Expo – Edmonton Pinball & Classic Arcade Expo
  12. Bruce Monkhouse

    Pinball Thread

    Its getting big again.....last weekend there were Provincial/State championships all over NA. https://www.ifpapinball.com/
  13. Bruce Monkhouse

    Pinball Thread

    I have a disease....
  14. Bruce Monkhouse

    10 killed in shooting near Los Angeles after Lunar New Year festival

    Lots of rich people in jail for violent crimes ........socio-economic is just another phrase to make excuses for assholish behavior.
  15. Bruce Monkhouse

    "B.C. Mountie's anti-Trudeau website raises concerns about discriminatory views within the RCMP" (split from White nationalism/CF thread)

    Here is a list of activities NBA players are forbidden to do, where are their rights? Oh yes, they took the job knowing, just like LEO folk........ boxing, professional wrestling, motorcycling, moped-riding, auto-racing, sky-diving and hang-gliding
  16. 326687666_538680181561277_1959931462387291993_n.jpg


  17. Bruce Monkhouse

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    I think Kat meant from the media,.......cause clickbait et al.
  18. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    Naw.....too many cameras now.🤠
  19. Bruce Monkhouse

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    So like about 90% of military folk after one promotion?? Got it.....