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  1. RCA

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    RCA is the official abbreviation for "The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery"
  2. RCA

    Parental Leave vs. Sick Leave

      We just had the almost the same thing come up at the IPSC-   You are paid full pay for your sick leave but it does not extend your PATA leave. You claim the amount paid on your EI. You take your sick chit to your OR to confirm the dates of your sick leave.
  3. RCA

    Future of Government Pensions (PS, CF & RCMP) & CF pension "double-dip"

    The 15% differential is because of the different terms of service. A reservist cannot deploy unless they volunteer. (ergo Cl C = Reg F pay and benefits)   The 15% is an arbitarty number which I don't think you'll find anywhere. This was instituted in 1997. Up to that time, Reserve pay raises...
  4. RCA

    Future of Government Pensions (PS, CF & RCMP) & CF pension "double-dip"

    This is coming from a long-time Cl B non-annuitant Reservist for what is its worth. These comments are only applicable to those who serve on a Cl B greater then 189 days, not shorter contracts or Cl A. The CF must be the only department where a member can retire from it, but still work for it in...
  5. RCA

    Reserve Pension- Merged

    Friend of mine requested an update on his file. The answer was - "Your file is not longer with my team.  It is currently waiting for calculation of the election which will be done by one of our Calculation teams.  I cannot say how long this may take as presently a 3-4 year backlog in the...
  6. RCA

    Spurs for Mess Dress?

    -  Yes, The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery are authorized to wear spurs, but we wear red striped pants, as red is the colour of the Artillery. (as per Artillery Standing Orders Vol I)
  7. RCA

    Reserve Pension- Merged

      I have passed on my concerns regarding the pension to my Honouraries to bring up at the their upcoming Conference this weekend in Edmonton.  If we are to raise the profile of this issue, we must find a forum to move this issue into the consciousness of the decision makers. Right now, all we...
  8. RCA

    Fire Discipline Challenge

    (if I recall correctly, and it was a while back) As an unauthorized observer, he is not auth any rds, therefore 0 would be the authority for # rds FFE. The GPO would have to remember that when it comes to FFE. If he thinks the OP is unsure he can clarify with the OP when the rds are on the way...
  9. RCA

    Purchase a standard canadian army green beret online.

    The RCA Kitshop carries them. http://www.rcakitshop.net/
  10. RCA

    What's DEU #1A (tunic with medals)?

    Again The ref is Ch 6 A-Ad-265-000/AG-001 CF Dress Manual (Mod 1 dated 2002-10-04) Army DEU No1 - Ceremonial (Tunic on) 1 - Accouterments (swords, belts, holsters, gloves, white belts, etc as ordered) 1A - Medals only (1 without accouterments) 1B - Full Dress 1C - Semi-Ceremonial 1D - Undress...
  11. RCA

    Enlisting from the Ranks- Res NCM to Res CM -

       You can not apply to be Commissioned, but must be nominated. Aprroach your Adjt, or Ops O and inform them that your are intrested in becoming and officer and what steps you need to take.
  12. RCA

    Captain Nichola K.S. Goddard killed in Afghanistan (17 May 2006)

    1 RCHA lost a good officer today. I also knew Capt Goddard, and this is now number 2 that I've known. Sincere condolences to her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  13. RCA

    No Media at Repatriation of Fallen

    The flags and the banning of the media are two separate issues. The flag issue has been covered, and, I, along with most here feel the gov’t is following the correct policy. However, it is becoming more apparent that the permanent banning of the media from the homecoming was made for political...
  14. RCA

    Lt. Turner, Cpl. Dinning, Bdr. Mansell, and Cpl. Payne Killed- April/ 21/ 2006

    This one hits closer to home, because I too knew Bdr Mansell, and I know the great loss 5 Tribe has suffered. Too all the families, from my self, my family and my Regiment, our most heartfelt condolences. Good Shooting, End of Mission, Stand Easy
  15. RCA

    Civvy question. Towed vs. Self Propelled Artillery

    With 3, at least one double check will be missed.
  16. RCA

    Canadian Forces Dress Instructions (CFP 265)

    As promised: (for thoose who have access to the DIN). http://hr.dwan.dnd.ca/dhh/publications/engraph/cfps_e.asp?cat=6 Last Mod for the Dress Manual is Ch 4 2005-03-16
  17. RCA

    Canadian Forces Dress Instructions (CFP 265)

    Be advised that there are 2-3 Mods to the manual with the last one in 2005.   If you have access to the DIN, then you will find this one, plus the Drill and Traditions manuals at the DHH site. I am at home now, but when i get back to work I will add the link to the post. I doubt you will...
  18. RCA

    Flags at half mast outside CFB Gagetown.

    A-AD-200-000/AG-000 (old CFP 200) The Honours Flags,  and Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces - Chapter 4. Section 2   All flags at Federal buildings (of which the CF is a part) are to be at half mast from sunrise to sunset on Dec 6 for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on...
  19. RCA

    Flags at half mast outside CFB Gagetown.

    It is half mast as per A-AD-200/000 (old CFP 200) Honours, Heritage manual which I don't have in front of me for the specific reference.