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    Claim for broken antique vanity

    During my move we had a number of broken items and the most concerning one is an antique vanity of my daughters. I can't even begin to think of how to claim that. Has anyone had to file a claim for broken antiques?
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    How many have chosen the new PFL over a lump sum payment

    Now that the new Pension for life has been around for awhile, I am curious as to how many people received the PSC or applied to get a lump sum. My sense is that most are still getting the lump sum, am I way off on that? Why did you choose what you did?
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    TOS offer during Covid

    I have been told have new TOS available and I need to sign in 3 weeks. I know nothing about them and I don't have a CoC to speak of right now. I am waiting for clarification but what are my options? This is a pretty shitty time to decide the next near decade of my life.
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    Claim for pain

    I keep hearing about people having two claims for a condition, 1 for the condition itself and one for pain. VAC tells me pain isn't a diagnosis and no diagnosis equals no claim. When you have a diagnosis, that is your original claim so where is this pain claim cone in. I spoke to a person at...
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    Scale of issue

    I'm hoping Vern, Binrat or one of the other storsies can help me out here. I am try to find the scale of issues  for various trades/positions. I fell down the Dean rabbit hole for an hour and half last week with no luck. It's mentioned all over the place but never linked. Thanks Sent from my...
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    Organizations that help with VA claims?

    Are there any groups that help people put in VAC claims? In light of the Supreme Court decision of Cole V. Canada, I am thinking of making another shot at a mental health claim. Because it goes back so long, it would be a difficult application and it would be nice if I had someone who knew the...
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    Bemoaning The Lack of Sports in The CF? [merged thread]

    We can't afford training but the CF will still send a dozen hockey teams on TD to Borden for Nationals. I am all for CF sports in general but if cuts are to be made there is a good place to start.
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    Leave question

    I have question regarding leave for family reasons. My son may have to undergo 4 days of testing and I want to be there. Is there a type of leave one can apply for in these situations or do I have to take annual? I don't mind taking annual but if I don't have to, why not save it for something fun?
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    Instruction publication

    Is there a publication which sets out the CF standards on instruction and evaluation? In other words, how are we supposed to teach and test students in the CF? I am looking for source material rather than like PLQ lessons. Thanks
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    Military Families Fund

    I just want to help spread the word about a very underused fund that can be a great help to a lot of Military families. I recently recieved the following email: Some common misconceptions about the fund are: 1. That it is a "limited" pool of money. All pools of money are limited but as of the...
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    Dogs can attack with Impunity at CFB Borden?

    More of a legal question than admin but there is such a wealth of knowledge here, I was hoping for some  insight in to this situation.\ First some background. My dog was attacked in the PMQs while my wife was walking it the other day by a bunch of other dogs who had gotten out of their house...
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    Referencing a webpage in a memo

    What would be the format for referencing a website in a memo? I am writing a memo which references guidlines which are set force on a webpage.