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    JTF-2/Airborne destined for land north of Trenton?

    Here's an article that come directly from the Belleville Intelligencer news, confirming the news that the Federal Government is moving ahead with the proposal of re-instating the Airborne Regiment of Canada. -------------------------------------------- Expansion depends on private land...
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    Airborne Regiment of Canada

    With an election promise by Harper's Tories to re-instate the Airborne Regiment, I was wondering if there has been any moves by the newly elected Conservative government to move forward with this proposal as quickly as possible. Has anyone here on this forum heard any recent rumours about the...
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    Camo: Winter/Artic CADPAT

    It now appears that the Army has release photos of the new winter/artic CADPAT gear. I was wondering if anyone here may have photos because the official DND site have not yet released them. Here's one site that shows a photo of this new winter combat gear...