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    Blackhawk pack, Safariland holster and Blackhawk dropleg pouch are sold.
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    **Payment by EMT only** For Sale, Blackhawk RAPTOR X1. Used in Afghanistan. Still dusty. Its a solid pack and its in great shape despite looking crappy in the pics on account of the dust. Spent most of my tour under my bed/cot. The black buckle is a replacement for a cracked buckle. $80 plus...
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    What weapon is this?

    Look at the lower receiver.... I dont know what kind of mag that firearm is rocking, but the magwell is definately at a much steeper angle then normal. Perhaps a KAC SR47? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SR-47
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    CP Gear OTW Shirt. Review?

    Probably referring to the dude laying on the ground in the third pic. http://www.ctv.ca/mar/photo.html?ad=n&pname=http://images.ctv.ca/archives/CTVNews/img2/20090702/450_ap_afghan2_090702.jpg&win_width=845.0&description=U.S. Marines from the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, 1st Battalion 5th...
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    Shack sizes?

    Thats a little more reassuring...  ;)
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    Shack sizes?

    Thanks Moe! (In your capacity as PMed, I hope you were poking around those shacks for good reasons...  :o)
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    Shack sizes?

    Unsure if i'm posting this in the right spot.... I'm posted to Petawawa this summer, and moving to a single occupancy shack. Interested to see if anyone can give me the floor dimensions to a single-person room in G102? Cheers!
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    Ottawa M&G - 2009

    Nice pics Moe! It was a good time. I can now say I've met some of the throublemakers :)
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    CADPAT Rain Gear

    The move to National Printing Bureau should have been complete on the 19th of May. I believe NDHQ has laid on an extra shuttle, making a total of three shuttle busses bouncing between NDHQ, NPB, HdV and LStL
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    What knife would you recommend?

    I'm a sup tech, and my daily carry knife is either a Spyderco Endura-4 or a Cold Steel Voyageur. Decent price, excellent quality blades, and both stood up to the rigours of a 6 month deployment, being used in manners they were not specifically designed to be used, including prying and torsion...
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    Looking for 90's frag vest

    I believe Supply Sargent in Edmonton had some a while ago. Most decent sized army surplus stores I have seen usually have a few of those vests, as well as surplus US vests. They'll probably soak you $100 +/- for them... Bear in mind, there is two generations of that vest, not sure which one is...
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    How much does the plate carrier (with plates) weigh?

    I didnt think they were authorized for OTW... perhaps issued to people who dont go out and about?
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    How much does the plate carrier (with plates) weigh?

    How long ago were you issued black plates in CM?  (You got issued a tapered front plate and a rectangle rear plate?) On 1-08 we all got issued the latest and greatest green ones. (Same plate front and back)
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    Voodoo Tactical Tobago Pack

    Would I put a full sand-bag in any of the three assault packs you mentioned and go jogging with them? Nope. I'm sure they could handle it, but they're not ergonomic enough to run with a 45lb ball of sand bouncing around inside the pack and slamming into your back every step. I'm 99% sure those 3...
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    OPFOR weapons

    Why you gotta be "that guy" NavyShooter?? lol.... Yes, you have lots of shiny toys... dont dangle them infront of the poor non-grandfathered, mere-mortals like myself... its just mean. :) Cheers, Eric
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    Voodoo Tactical Tobago Pack

    I've owned that pack, the knockoff version, albiet only for use as a gym bag or to drag stuff to work. It is not made with the highest quality materials, or manufactured with quality German engineering. However, if you only want it for light use backpacking, this knockoff will do just fine. It...
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    Ottawa M&G - 2009

    Didi, you making the 4-5 hour trek just to see us?
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    Question about posts

    Dang! And all this time, I could have been posting 30 times a day... I gotsta gets me some of that "member status"... ::)
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    Soldier Body Armour - FPV, BRP, shoulder pads & throat protectors (Merged Thread)

    Ummm... you'll never be in a situation over there where you'll be required to wear the FPV without plates, so getting a modular plate carrier pretty useless, since you will be required to wear the plates inside your FPV. And since most plate carriers (the Wasatch for example) don't ride...
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    CT-114 on ebay?

    Hehe... "I will send copies of flight manuel and log books to serious buyers" They have a flying Mexican to go with the MIG?!?! ... no way..... ;D