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  1. peachycaper

    Negative Intelligence Gathering

    Any ideas why this happened.  I just took out #47 and now i noticed that my Int total is in the negative. Your current Int total is: -33,070 #48: ??? Title: ??? -33070 / 40000 Insufficient Intelligence available. You need to collect 73,070 more Int to make an attempt on this target.
  2. peachycaper


    Logged in yesterday morning and ran a few missions and just got home from being away for the night and says I didn't check in yesterday and set my consecutive days back to zero.    GRRRRRRRRRR
  3. peachycaper

    Disadvantage of Failing Missions to gain MilPoints

    Just wondering if there is much of a disadvantage if I fail some missions to achieve a daily challenge to gain some MilPoints.  I have been having a hard time gaining them as of late and need to buy some Incentives and Equipment.
  4. peachycaper

    OT after POET

    Does anyone know what the chances are of me being able to do an Occupational Transfer from LCIS to ATIS.  I just completed POET and i am awaiting my QL3 for LCIS but i am currently working in a ATIS position and am enjoying it much more than I would get in an LCIS position. Any info would be...
  5. peachycaper

    Reserve Pers File

    Hey all, I recently reentered the reg force after bein out of the reserves for 6 years and i am trying to do my pension buy back and see if I can get any Time credit toward promotion with my reserve time.  First question is does anyone know if there is a cutoff on how far you can go back to...
  6. peachycaper

    February 27th BMQ

    I am starting my BMQ February 27th in St. Jean.  Just wondering if there is anyone else here with that start date.