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    Extra 200K of SISIP insurance

    Thought I'd bump up my life insurance to the max $600,000 seeing as I'm deploying. The SISIP rep told me that, past 400K, they run each applicant through a calculator and if you've made the mistake of say, paying off most of your debt, odds are you'll get declined. Should I have bought a new...
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    Playbook with issued BB

    Anybody around unlucky enough to have an issued Blackberry try syncing it with a Playbook? I tried reading the documentation on the DWAN but fell asleep reading the title...from what I understand, it's allowable as long as passwords are used and you don't use it as a personal tablet? I get a lot...
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    Shilo - Trig Points and OPs

    Good day, all - the subject of renaming trig points and OPs around the Shilo training area has come up around the ol' gun park now that we've started losing troops overseas - Capt Goddard had one named after her a couple years ago - and after searching around we realized there might not be a...
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    IED report

    Anyone know where I could find the format for an IED report? Is it like the BOMBREP/SHELREP or is it something completely different...or do we even have one yet? Ta.
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    Just how much can we handle?

    Most news stories in the last couple months have remarked that we're stretched thin deployment-wise. True enough. Now, the MND's come out and said we won't be deploying anywhere else "in the near future" (however long that is)...
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    Even-numbered TFs

    Now that the CF's had its "downtime" and we're "ready" to field two task forces at once, is there anything impending for the even-numbered TFs (2-06, 4-06, 2-07, 4-07)? Maybe Haiti/maybe Sudan? I realize it's all conjecture until boots are on the ground, but does anyone want to start a...
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    Next DP1 NCM Artillery course

    Anyone know the next Artillery DP1 NCM Artillery course dates in Gagetown (Oct or Nov)? I know they were moved to the right a few weeks ago... Thanks, Ralph.
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    Living outside of geographical boundaries

    Anyone ever applied to live outside of their base's geographical boundaries? Is it a quick sign-off from the CO or a long, drawn-out PITA? What do you lose if you do decide to live more than, in my case, 27km away from Shilo? Ta.
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    Why would you leave?

    Barring any career-ending moves (getting caught in bed with the general‘s daughter, or the general, for that matter), is the choice to leave the CF usually a personal one? If you want to stay in and your contract is coming to an end, are you pretty much guaranteed a job, or is it different every...
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    Kit parade questions

    So I happen to check the CFLRS website and the officer cadet joining instructions have been updated (compared to the ones my CFRC sent me). So no lounging around in my housecoat but now I have to bring hangers... Anyway, how strict is the first kit parade going to be in terms of quantity, of...
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    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    Possible roles for a new artillery officer are split up into three - I know the difference between field and air defence, but what’s target acquisition – is that like a FOO, and only for field artillery, or something different? Also, does anyone have any idea how one ends up in the three? Do...
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    How does leave work on course?

    I‘ll be on BOTC and SLT from mid-Sep. until they give up on me learning French (late next summer) and then Phases II-IV. Obviously I won‘t get leave on basic, but what about French? How does it work if you‘re on course for the entire year - and would I get 20 days for the 1/3 year I‘ll be in...
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    How long does an offer take?

    So I got a phone call over a month ago from the CFRC saying I had made the list for the next officer basic course. Does it usually take this long to get the actual offer? My file manager said they haven‘t received any offers for anybody yet, so I‘m not too worried, but I‘d really like to give...
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    Failing courses

    How exactly do you fail a course? For those of you who have passed (or failed) courses where, like, 14 of 31 guys made it, what happened to the other 17 (besides medical problems)? Is it set up so that any written exams are what count, or is it “the last guy back from the recce goes home”...
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    CTB on BOTP

    Anyone remember offhand how many weekends you get off during BOTP? I know the enlisted recruits are confined to barracks for the first few weeks - if I get in for the September course, will I get the Thanksgiving weekend off? Do they ever give you an extra half-day to get back? There are only so...
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    Can anyone explain pay levels?

    I know it‘s been asked before, but does anyone have any idea how the pay levels (for officers)work? Looking at the current pay for a newbie 2LT, the monthly for the "C" level (which is what the documents say a DEO starts at) is $3077. That‘s more than a "B" level ($2861), which would lead me to...
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    Laundry at St-Jean

    How many washing machines are there at St-Jean? Should I start saving my quarters and loonies now? Cheers, Ralph
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    Numbers for Sep. 03 BOTP

    For Murph00 and others hoping to get on this September‘s officer training - I had my re-interview yesterday and, I was told, numbers have gone down to their pre-hiring bonanza of the last couple years. They‘re looking at around 20 each for infantry, arty, and armoured. Don‘t know about the...
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    Time for each phase

    Can anyone tell me how many weeks each Phase II, III, and IV are for infantry officers? And I heard that Phase II goes three times a year, III twice, and IV once – is that correct? (And so it’s possible to do one after the other, but not likely?) Cheers, Ralph.
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    Gagetown - PMQs while on course?

    I’ll move my second question to this thread to simplify – will I have the opportunity to get a PMQ while doing my Infantry Phase II through IV at Gagetown? Depending on which stream I get into, I could be there for over a year (so I hear). Or is it considered a restricted posting if you’re...