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    VAC wait times

    Took like 5 days about. However, I think you can look in your "payments" section (or whatever its called, can't access my VAC account right now) and if you have a new payment coming up, means it was a favourable decision.
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    VAC wait times

    Question for those who have received their lump sum. Did it show up in “payment history” on “my vac” account before showing up in your bank account? I.e to let you know it was coming?
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    Looking for an old topic on army.ca

    I tried searching on google and here on army.ca but no luck thus far. I remember reading on army.ca back in 2011 when I was in Afghanistan about an attack happening on a US FOB because a soldier had put up pictures of their FOB on his Facebook account. The US soldiers had put up a significant...
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    VAC wait times

    Did you submit the request by mail or by your VAC account? I got my form in my VAC account inbox yesterday and submitted it online. I wonder if the 6 week guideline is only for those using snail mail.
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    So as I mentioned on another thread application was completed and I was able to see the results, based on the monthly amount I am assuming it is assessed at 5%. I don't understand how come it is not 10% since I even have a prescription for a masking device and I sent the prescription to VAC...
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    VAC wait times

    Good call, I have a new line, thank you!
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    VAC wait times

    Just to give some hope to people, my application for tinnitus was completed today, although I still don't have the decision letter yet so I don't know the results and its too early to celebrate. But my application was submitted on 5 mar 19, so 34 weeks, which is still longer than the 24 weeks of...
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    According to VAC website level 5 for tinnitus is “Continuous tinnitus, present all day and all night, affecting one or both ears, but does not require use of a masking device” while level 10 (max level) states “Continuous tinnitus, present all day and all night, every day, affecting one or both...
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    Artillery callsigns vs other trades

    Was wondering if anyone knew the reasoning why the DCO (2IC) of an artillery regiment's callsign was 98 instead of 9A like the infantry or armoured? Same question for the Ops O actual being 95 seagull instead of 9B. Tried looking it up in B-GL 371-004 but no joy. Thanks
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    Unveiling of New CANSOFCOM Dress Uniform

    When you've done what he has done in his career, then you can make fun of him for his ND. It is easy to be the critic of the man in the arena. MGen Rouleau immediately owned up to his mistake and called the CDS directly and then advised all the members in his command, a lot of others probably...
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    Custom made cf SS dress shirt

    Anyone ever attempt to get a custom tailored CF green short sleeved dress shirt? Basically looking to see if I can have one made that doesn't look like a bag of potato chips and made with quality material.
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    Hello everyone, I'm currently doing some research, and I was wondering if anyone on here knows if 3 PPCLI BG in 2002 on OP APOLLO actually saw combat (TICs, raids etc)? None of my research so far has proven to give me concrete examples of 3 PPCLI coming into contact with the enemy. I'm aware...
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    VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    Why would this only apply to retired vets? What about current serving members who were injured and received a disability award?
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    Anodized medals

    Just wondering if anyone on here gets their medals dipped or anodized? I've seen a few older NCOs with really shiny medals (particularly the cpsm and UN medals). Just wondering what people's thoughts are.
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    Difference between superior officer and senior officer

    Has anyone come across new terminology for officers? As far as I understand: Subordinate Officer : OCdt; Junior Officers: 2Lt, Lt, Capt; Senior Officers: Maj, Lcol, Col; GO/FO: Bgen + But I now I keep hearing the term superior officers for Majs and Lcols, and senior officers for Col and up...
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    The disability award "top up".....not until 2017?

    Yeah I agree, mine is short of about 1500$ as well of what I was expecting. It was really poorly phrased when they originally announced it.
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    The disability award "top up".....not until 2017?

    Are you expecting a large amount? (Obviously don't need to answer) But the title of my letter was something along the lines of "Lump sum payment of less than 18000$" So maybe there is a separate letter that will go out later if its for a higher payment.
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    The disability award "top up".....not until 2017?

    Got my letter from VAC in my online VAC account stating the amount I would be getting. Unfortunately, it is Option A (first one). So the indexed amount minus the amount you actually received.
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    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    The new blue beret will look terrible with CF Green DEUs.
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    The disability award "top up".....not until 2017?

    I'm still confused, in my case I was at 10% disability in 2015 where I received 30 669.82$ (B) and the 100% was 306 698.20$. So now that the new award has been adjusted, the 2015 100% value is 350 128.13 with 10% being 35 012.81$ (A). So is my award top up going to be A-B = 4 342.99$ OR: New...