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  1. Xylric

    Interesting Family History

    One of the interesting things about the annual family reunion that my grandmother's clan has been engaging in for as long as I can remember is that we all knew that my grandmother's father served in the First World War. Two years ago, we gathered one August day.... a century to the day of my...
  2. Xylric

    Old photos

    Going through my grandfather's estate, we found a collection of photos from WWI and WWII, each containing a family member (as per notes). Unfortunately as there are multiple people in each photo, it's rather difficult to be sure which individual is our family member. We're relatively certain...
  3. Xylric


    I'm very curious, since it seems the majority of military families I know of have at least one dog in the house. Given that I have little reason to presume that to be different for the people here, what breeds to people enjoy the companionship of? I do not currently have a dog (or a cat, for...
  4. Xylric

    Waiting Game

    What luck that as a twin, I've participated in a number of research studies which meant I had to lie in an MRI for six hours, explicitly asked to try to not to think of anything. I wrote the CFAT on Feb 8 and passed sufficiently for the roles I was most interested in (NWO and Pilot), and was...