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    Commuting costs - required to travel to work twice in 24 hours

    I currently commute to work by bicycle. I am now being asked to work at different times of day, sometimes coming in for an hour in the morning and then working a late shift. Am I entitled to commuting costs (ie taxi) if I have to come back into work at night (no transit available, road is...
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    Pay Question NCM to Officer from a WSE rank

    I checked for applicable threads but there didn't seem to be any. I recently changed from NCM to Officer. When I switched I was acting lacking in rank (missing last mod of a 2 mod course). At the time I did the change over I assumed that my pay would revert to my substantive rank and IPC...
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    Summary Trial vs Courts Martial

    Read this in another thread: This from Global News:The story's based on stats obtained here (JAG annual reports) and here (2 page PDF, material obtained from DND via ATIP). Interesting. Makes me wonder another thing, for someone that was charged with something like AWOL or drunkenness, is...