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    Partners in Canadian Veterans Rehabilitation Services

    Hello, just got a letter saying Partners in Canadian Veterans Rehabilitation Services has been “contracted by VAC to coordinate and deliver the Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program. Beginning in November 2022, all medical, psycho-social and vocational services will transfer...
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    What happens if I get diagnosed for ADHD?

    Hello, nothing happens. They will give you n Rx depending on severity and symptoms and thats about it. If its a common stimulant then you cant deploy to Middle East cuz its prohibited there, oh n sure AF ya cant dive… As far as Canada F is concerned no biggy, Rx n there you go..
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    How many have chosen the new PFL over a lump sum payment

    PSC is tax free with inflation adjusted premiums. Investment of lump sum becomes taxable income. if award is significant (50%+) and Unless i have a principle protected investment at 6% annual, i would keep the PSC.. if the award is 30% or less or if there is a significant debt at a high...
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    Component Transfer with time out but no credit for previous rank pay scale

    You may be in favourable position without the official release. I was at 39 CBG in Vancouver shortly, and a fellow was “released” in 2009 or so, but paperwork was never submitted/finalized. They were going to charge him im 2013 for unreturned kit, which still was in the locker :):): He came...