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  1. Stoker

    CP-140 in the Arctic

    Hi, looking for some first hand info. Can the Aurora operate on a gravel runway and which Arctic runways have they operated out of? From what I have read it can operate on 6000ft runways or greater correct? Appreciate the answers
  2. Stoker

    Nanisivik Naval Facility

    HMCS Ville de Quebec recently visited the new Nanisivik Naval Facility to test the span wire fueling system at the facility by conducting a "dry fit" hookup. The facility reached operational capability this year with full operational capability next year.The facility has the fuel capacity of two...
  3. Stoker

    CAF Cannabis Use 2018- DAOD 9004-1

    Purpose of DAOD 9004-1 Establishes a framework for the responsible use of cannabis in support of the following objectives: the maintenance of a physically fit, employable and deployable forces; the protection of safety in the workplace; the maintenance of operational effectiveness, including...
  4. Stoker

    Passenger ship runs aground near Kugaaruk, Nunavut

    We practiced a scenario several years ago similar to this in York Sound. I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner as charts for the Arctic are sparse. One Oceans Expeditions confirms its ship, Akademik Ioffe, has run aground CBC News · Posted: Aug 24, 2018 4:58 PM CT | Last Updated: 8 hours...
  5. Stoker

    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    This is the closest thread I could find to CF recreational Cannabis use in the forces. So with the new proposed regulations just being announced the min age to get high will be set by the province, hopefully not less than 19.I wonder how this will affect us in the CF? I wager this is being...
  6. Stoker

    Legal Pot for Canada (and the taxes from it)

    Not that much I think. The intention is to make it affordable so people won't turn to the black market. Hell you have to be 19 for a drink but 18 to get high.
  7. Stoker

    Kingston Class 40MM replacement?

    With the Harry DeWolf Class being armed with the BAE RC 25MM, perhaps its time that the Kingston Class rids itself of its 40MM and have something similar or even the same mount and gun installed. With the Kingston Class being deployed south on drug interdiction missions more and more, perhaps...
  8. Stoker

    HMCS Toronto deals with minor on board fire on Christmas Day

    MICHAEL GORMAN PROVINCIAL REPORTER ht tp://www.thechronicleherald.ca No one was injured during a minor Christmas Day fire on board HMCS Toronto. National Defence Department spokeswoman Ashley Lemire said the ship’s rapid response team quickly put out the fire on Thursday after it started in...
  9. Stoker

    Operating with the Danes OP Nanook/OP Qimmiq 2014

    I recently had the opportunity to operate with the Royal Danish Navy in the Arctic off Greenland. We operated with the ships Triton and Knud Rasmussen. We did a cross pol where some of their pers are traded for the day to gain international experience with other navies. The crew of the Knud...
  10. Stoker

    OP Nanook Air transport question

    Hi, we are deploying on ship for OP Nanook and have a question. Does anyone know if typically military transport aircraft do regular runs to Iqaluit or any other northern destinations during the exercise? If we needed to say send a small part to Iqaluit, I assume it would be fairly easy to send...
  11. Stoker

    HMCS Kingston suffers minor fire offshore

    Sailors aboard HMCS Kingston are safe after the crew extinguished a minor engine room fire on Saturday, according to a spokesman with Maritime Forces Atlantic​. Capt. Peter Ryan says the fire broke out at 10:52 a.m. on the warship's return trip to Halifax after a six week mission in the...
  12. Stoker

    Commissionaires losing their jobs in Halifax

    I guess there are something like 61 Commissionaires not having their contracts renewed in Halifax on the gates and at the schools and such. The gates will be now manned by a expanded duty watch. Anyone hear about anything similar at any of the other bases?
  13. Stoker

    Christmas At Sea

    Christmas At Sea The sea is cold, the night is dark... the blowing wind is crisp, I stare across the ship's huge deck... I did not get my wish. I wanted so, to be at home... this year on Christmas Eve, But this will be the year that I... did not get Christmas leave. I stand and think about my...
  14. Stoker

    Coming back Class A after retirement in the reserves

    When you retire and take your pension in the reserves under the RFPP after a long full time career, has anyone heard of anyone trying to come back on a Class A basis? It seems to me there is a wasted pool of talent that would come back a few class A days a month after they retired from the...
  15. Stoker

    Medical benefits for reservists after release/retirement

    I did a lot of searching however could not find out much on this subject. If a person on long term B/C service goes back to class A, I assume does his medical coverage through blue cross/drug plan cease? If a person on long term B/C service retires or releases medical, can he pay for his...
  16. Stoker

    Navy diver dies during training off N. Carolina

    A U.S. Navy diver working from a Canadian ship off the North Carolina coast died during training operations Thursday, Naval Expeditionary Combat Command announced Friday. The diver’s name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. The diver, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal...
  17. Stoker


    I know the Commisionaires was started as a place where ex military personnel could get employment after their service and to that end they did very well.  It seems that more and more often that the level of professionalism they display is dropping off. For instance in Halifax at the gates the...
  18. Stoker

    New Degaussing System for Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels

    MONTREAL, October 05, 2011 – L-3 MAPPS announced today that it has been awarded a contract to supply degaussing systems for the Royal Canadian Navy’s 12 KINGSTON-Class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels. These advanced degaussing systems will be delivered and supported locally in collaboration...
  19. Stoker

    Size of CF in 1950/1970

    Guys looking for the strength of the Forces in 1950 and 1970. Broken down in elements if possible.
  20. Stoker

    Amount of tanks by year

    Anyone know the total number of tanks Canada had in service in 1950, 1960 and 1970? Thanks