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  1. wildman0101

    First special service force WW2

    Also known as the "Devil's Bridade". Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank's.Cheer's ,,,, Scoty B
  2. wildman0101

    Regret to inform you of the passing of Ron Scott(ARMOURED)

    July 07,2011 Ron Scott Funeral Arrangements My Cavalry Brother's Ron is resting at The S.O. Mehan Funeral Home in St. Stephen, NB. Visitation: Thursday: 2-4 and 7-9 Funeral: Friday at 1:00 PM At The New Life Christian Assembly, Hwy 3, St. Stephen, NB. Regards Scoty B
  3. wildman0101

    Regret to inform of the passing of Max Douglas(ARMOURED)

    My Cavalry Brother's, This message was passed via e-mail from Frank Smith(Facebook) It is with sadness that I have been informed of the passing of WO(R) Max Douglas on 25 June 2011. Max was a long standing member of the 8th Hussars. Max joined the 8CH in 1957 after first serving with 4th...
  4. wildman0101

    Supplementary Retirement Benefit (SRB) 2011 Rates Qeustion

    Dumb Ass Question Doe's this also include someone on a supplementary Retirement Benefit (SRB) Part 3 of the Cana- dian Force's Super annuation Act (CFSA) 3-B Med release. This has nothing to do with Vet Affair's. Repeat: this has nothing to do with Vet Affair's... Advice/Info  would be...
  5. wildman0101

    Veteran's Day of Protest Nov 6th, 2010

    Info for your parousal. Best Regard's all.. :yellow: Scoty B (Thank-You)  :salute: Mike Blais Rcr CfdsOctober 25, 2010 at 9:53pm Subject: please pass around Ladies and Gentlemen. Please provide maximum distribution via your respective email networks including local press/Letter to the Editor...
  6. wildman0101

    Former SSF Members (Petawawa) 1977-1995

    Looking for all former member's of the SSF formed in Petawawa. The Special Service Force was formed in Apr 1977. Special Service Force consisted of: Special Service Force From www.canadiansoldiers.com The Special Service Force (SSF) was created on 1 Apr 1977 after the disbandment of 2 Combat...
  7. wildman0101

    looking for some old pard's

    looking for 2 ole  pards cris laskovic (aka killer) phil hrynyk both armoured anyone know of there whereabouts         thanks all in advance..                   scoty b disregard poll all i wanted to do was post not to worry ill figuire it out later             cheers mates
  8. wildman0101

    Wearing Uniforms Post-Release/Retirement (merged)

    to whom it may concern... when i was released 3-b medical 1986 that i was told i was  allowed to wear a cf uniform on nov 11...  and that i was entitled to said as long as i complied with cf regulations ect as to wearing said.. i also had a letter authourizing approval... lost to many moves ect...
  9. wildman0101

    tall tales

    tell your tall tales here
  10. wildman0101


    hey all.               looking for my nephew william brandt served usmc around 1980 to 1986ish ,,,from fleminton n.j. usa,, aka billy brandt. just curious as im his uncle...lost track years back and am trying to reconnect...last known address flenigton ,,n.j. usa hope someone can help        ...
  11. wildman0101

    one more time

    so we come around full circle.... anyone remember col bob billings,,,,phil hrynyk...kris laskovic,,,bob heatherington...(mother) bill stuart(the piper)8-ch 1975 till ???? malcom..(last name unknown) big jamacian (scuse the spelling) scotty dwryer petawawa,,,the tradition(summer party) right so...
  12. wildman0101

    daddys poem

    this really choked me up...                         scoty b
  13. wildman0101

    radio check over

    well well ,,,christmas coming up and then we will pop in to a new year still looking for ya,,, you know who ya are... lol wishing you the very best christmas and a super new year... goin for a beer and if you were here  cheers been thinkin of ya                           best regards,,,        ...
  14. wildman0101

    armoured 1975-1986 and beyound

    now come on ,,,,,you all gotta be out there once again...calling all armoured as in subject box lol bill sruart,,frank austin,spike mmcquire,andy wright,rick mcphail,joe zinck,,,phil hrynyk,,billy prouse,,roy messengert,,carl ringma,,dave fyvie,,,dave tibbs,,,dave longmuir,,steeve allan,,henry...
  15. wildman0101

    calling all 8-ch/rcd

    anyone who served from 1975 to 1986 and beyond would love to hear from from ya all prepare to copy over bill stuart,,, frank austin,,, tom skelding,,, ernie arsenault,,, dave dillion,,, tom falls,,, chuck foster chuck dewapeneer,,, dave longmuir,,,dave tibbs,,, dave fyvie,,, tony...
  16. wildman0101

    4 fallen comrades (question) (and bitch)

    im sorry but ive a question,,, here goes was not it the policy of the pevious govt to lowerr the flag and if so why wouldnt our current govt to respect that bring the boys home carrry out the proper ceremonys let the familys friends all over the country grieve also and then change the policy...
  17. wildman0101

    devils brigade

    this is in regards the reformation of this brigade with regards 8-ch,2 rcha,2 svc battalion,airborne transferred to petawawa 1975 or there abouts...the brigade was dubbed ssf :salute: special service force im trying to put a documentary with regards above any info would be greatly appreciat...
  18. wildman0101

    looking for old army buddies 8 CH (PL) and RCD 1975 - 1984

    hi ,,,so glad i found this site...have been trying for ages to locate some army buddies that served with the 8-ch during 1975 to 1982...also lahr with the rcd,,,from 1982 to 1984...and the armoured school in gagetown nb...if you know of anyone in these time periods tell em scoty brandt sends...