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    Remembrance Day Stories

    Today I drove up to Brentwood near the Victoria Airport for Remembrance Day. Before the cermony started a woman in her mid 60's walked over and struck up a conversation. Apparently I looked a bit like her son who is on the Kuwait mission with the CAF. Her name was Heather and we chatted for a...
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    Armoured RECCE

    Didn't find a thread on this that would not require some dark magics to resurrect from the dead. Article in the CMJ on Armored Recce. Wanted to get some of the experienced "second-black-hatters" opinions on it. Role of Canadian Armoured Recon... The first para references the Armour School...
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    A Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service

    Should Canada Have a Foreign Intelligence Service? Personally, I think it should. The return of great power competition frankly is the signal. Our interests often do not align with our closest allies, and the only intelligence organization that will look out for our interests is one of our...
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    Float, Move, Fight

    Not a bad primer from the MSEO of HMCS Toronto when the ship was on OP REASSURANCE a year ago.  I look forward to the "Fight" video. Float, Move, Fight Part 1
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    Bradley Replacement Competition

    Anyone watching this replacement competition for the Bradley?  It seems quite interesting with the three different contenders. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/24114/one-of-these-big-cannon-toting-armored-vehicles-may-replace-the-bradley-fighting-vehicle
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    CDS on Future War & Modernization

    Interview with General Vance regarding a number of topics at the Halifax International Security Forum. Quite a few things in there from future threats, NORAD development, recruiting issues, culture change and others.
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    $115 million EW upgrade for frigates.

    Story at the link... Federal government announces over $115 million to Royal Canadian Navy I was lucky enough to see some of the results of the MASS trail on VDQ.  I guess they saw something that they liked.  And the RAMSES overhaul was long overdue and in the works for a while.
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    Missile Misfire and Explosion on German Frigate

    Article form the UK defence journal: German frigate Sachsen has suffered significant damage as a result of a misfiring missile. The accident happened last week, June 21st, off Norwegian coast. We understand from local media reports that only two crew members were hurt, sustaining minor...
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    Type 31e Frigates

    Bids are now heating up for the Type 31 Frigate competition with both Babcock showcasing their final choice for the competition, the Arrowhead 140 design based off of the Danish Iver Huitfeldt. Babcocks bid based on the Danish Iver Huitfeldt design. Arrowhead 140 Video Cammell Laird is now...
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    RCN Gets a new (old?) flagship.

    May I be the first to say welcome back to the fleet old girl! HMCS HAIDA Becomes Ceremonial Flagship of the RCN Parks Canada Info here: https://www.canada.ca/en/parks-canada/news/2018/05/hmcs-haida-officially-designated-as-the-flagship-of-the-royal-canadian-navy.html
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    Fast Attack Tanker and Small Ship Airpower

    Recently reading an issue of the Canadian Naval Review and there was an article in there about improving the usage of AOR's through the increase of the number of helicopters that they carry. The basic premise of the article was that with the great leap in capability of the to the Cyclones it...
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    Canada in a Maritime World: Leadmark 2050

    Attached is a link to http://navy-marine.forces.gc.ca/assets/NAVY_Internet/docs/en/rcn_leadmark-2050.pdf which I'm not sure when it was finally released (sometime after the Lib gov't got their footing I'm sure).  I've read the previous version (pre defence strategy) and not much has changed that...
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    Photobucket changes

    Photobucket has destroyed the internet.  Well not really but they have changed their user features.  If you don't pay a fee you cannot link images to websites like this.  So you will probably see lots of error type pics in place of actual images all over threads on this site.  I've seen a few...
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    Unaccompanied to Halifax

    So I'm posted to Halifax and going unaccompanied at least until my kids and wife get their work/school sorted.  So standard stuff right, call the base accomidation, apply and get single quarters right?  Nope.  Apparently, Russell House doesn't do single quarters or any form of live in anymore. ...
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    It's nice to get compliments once in a while...

    What country could lay claim to having the best quality trained infantry in the world. Of course he's talking about "line infantry" here and comparing to the US system, but hey it's not polite to argue with a compliment.  :cdn:
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    MUxVs (NOT Drones) on Ships

    Some of the advantages of having shipboard drones (at least the UAV type) being discussed in this article from CBC.  I would recommend that you go to the site because the images are informative. Drones on ships As for drones of the non-flying type here is a nice article from Vanguard Magazine...
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    Canada's Vulnerable Coastlines

    From the Star today: Canadian coastlines are vulnerable, outgoing navy commander warns Domain awareness is something that Canada does not do as well as we could, given the geographical/climate/budgetary challenges.  There are discussions (some action) on sensors going into the arctic for...
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    Multi Role Boats (and other small boats thread).

    Article here on a new multi role boat.  I originally thought the MRB was going to be deployed on the AOPS consistently as well but it seems that is a different contract.  Also interestingly the way the MRB is going to be an extra sensor for the ship with a fairly good range. With a weapons...
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    Battle of Trafalgar... Time to move on?

    So since I joined the Navy in 2000 I have been to approximately 10 Battle of Trafalgar Mess Dinners.  Now I am always one for a good time at a Mess Dinner. I have attended all sorts from the all ranks "instructional" mess dinner to the "period uniforms accepted" ones. But there has always been...
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    Armoured Vehicle disposition, numbers, variants.

    After doing a bunch of internet research I cannot find anything resembling an up to date, complete database, list or post on the current amoured vehicles of the CA.  Its a bit surprising and a bit frustrating.   I was wondering if the Army.ca family here could flesh out some of the gaps in the...