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  1. TacticalTea

    Weird stolen valour encounter

    Just came across a guy on the internet nonchalantly telling the world that he was going up into the Arctic circle to ''plug a hole to keep the russians away'' or words to that effect, as part of the ''Canadian Special Reserve Force''. Does that even exist? Never heard of it. I was excited at...
  2. TacticalTea

    Force Protection failure in Greece: RCN ship vandalized

    NST had provided security the last time an HMC ship was in that port. Apparently no measures in place this time around. Facebook comment from a former NST NCO: ''Lots of silly comments from people who think they know all about Force Protection. First, when we stood up NST in the exact same...
  3. TacticalTea

    ''Sweden will join NATO – I am absolutely convinced of that'' -Aspiring Head of Govt Ulf Kristenssen

    https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/sverige-kommer-ga-med-i-nato-det-ar-jag-helt-overtygad-om/ Three weeks old news but still seems especially relevant in the current circumstances. Sweden has a proportional electoral system, in which his right-wing coalition sits at about 48% (vs 49%...