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  1. Gramps

    ASU Toronto

    Not sure exactly where to put this one but, does anyone know of a good area too look at for a place to live if posted IR to ASU Toronto? I am heading there very soon so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Gramps

    You and your UAB.

    I am just putting this out there since I have received a number of phone calls regarding UAB coming back from Afghanistan. For those of you who have followed the rules wrt UAB this might help explain some things. For those of  you who choose not to follow the guidelines then this is mainly...
  3. Gramps

    Cormorant Down-July 13/ 2006

    Three people were killed and four injured early this morning in a helicopter crash during a Canadian Forces search and rescue training exercise off Canso, Nova Scotia. The CH-149 Cormorant helicopter from 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron ditched at about 12:30 a.m. AT, the air force said in a...
  4. Gramps

    For any displaced PEIslanders or anyone else who may be interested.

    There is a new memorial being placed by Province house in Charlottetown. It is for Police/Fire services as well as the Armed Forces. From what I know it will be unvieled on Sept. 18th at 1400h and is opened to the public of course. Here is a link for more info. on it. Donations are also...
  5. Gramps

    Saddam in his Underoos!

    This just cant be a good thing. I don't think that this would make the job of any troops in Iraq or Afghanistan any easier. With the Newsweek article about the Q'uran abuse in Guantanamo Bay many people in the Arab/Muslim world are already upset I think this one could just make things worse...