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  1. a_majoor

    Artist Turns an Ancient Japanese Battle Painting Into an Energetic Animation

    This is pretty amazing, especially when you look at some of the close ups, where details like farmers mustering for the battle can be seen: https://mymodernmet.com/animated-battle-of-sekigahara-yusuke-shigeta/
  2. a_majoor

    Recruiting video comparisons

    I guess being all you can be is pretty passe these days:
  3. a_majoor

    Royal Marines experiment with jet suit

    While one can ask what happens if this is an opposed landing, this is a very interesting video and concept: Imagining a jet suit equipped man and UAV's leading a landing (or on land assaulting a tall building) brings all kinds of possibilities to mind
  4. a_majoor

    Opener Blackfly aircraft

    A new electric aircraft is being developed and (apparently) soon to be marketed. While the current version can be considered a fairly expensive toy, the idea of an all electric VTOL without complex mving wings or rotors is very interesting, and it should be possible to scale this idea. These...
  5. a_majoor

    Everything You Know About Clausewitz Is Wrong

    Well maybe not everything, but this article argues that a common mistranslation has seriously affected how "we" in the West understand both Clausewitz and how we apply his ideas to warfare: https://thediplomat.com/2014/11/everything-you-know-about-clausewitz-is-wrong/ While we have moved away...
  6. a_majoor

    “Go ahead and imagine that you have privacy, if it makes you feel better.”

    Not entirely clear where this should go, so if the Mods have a better place for it, then be my guest. https://mythaxis.com/2020/10/28/stupefying-stories-an-interview-with-bruce-bethke/
  7. a_majoor

    Guided Bullets

    Guided bullets fired from .50 sniper rifles. Yet another way to ruin your day: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/military-snipers-could-soon-be-using-guided-bullets-169616 Military Snipers Could Soon Be Using "Guided" Bullets It's all thanks to a DARPA project. by Kyle Mizokami The...
  8. a_majoor

    Antifragile Adversaries: How to Defeat Them?

    An interesting article which looks at adversaries in a different way. By stressing the "evolutionary" nature of warfare, where actions are met with responses, which spawn new measures and countermeasures, it suggests that in many ways, "we" might end up on the wrong end of the learning curve...
  9. a_majoor

    Soviet era mapping of the West

    While this may have been discussed before, I have not found any mention. During the Soviet era, the USSR created hyper detailed maps of many Western cities. Those maps were almost like the Google Maps of its day, as they not only documented every street and avenue, but also the measurements and...
  10. a_majoor

    Chinese veterans of PLA in Canada

    Not really clear where to put this, but it certainly speaks poorly of how well "we" acculturalize people into accepting and adopting Canadian values when they come to Canada to live...
  11. a_majoor

    Plane that is lighter than air

    Not really an aircraft the way we usually think of it, but rather a hybrid of an airship and an airplane. It seems to work a bit like the Seaglider  UUV by changing displacement. A silent, long endurance UAV would be an interesting addition to the ISTAR suite, and depending on how scalable it...
  12. a_majoor

    USN considering container ships as missile carriers

    Probably an idea which comes up every decade or so, but this seems to be more serious than most attempts to float the idea. While the issue of merchant vessels being slower and not built to the same standards as warships is entirely true, it occurs to me the best place for this sort of...
  13. a_majoor

    Requiem for Canada?

    An interesting opinion piece which essentially writes off Canada. I was annoyed at first, but then really began thinking about my own lived experiences in Canada and on deployment. Many indicators pointed out in the article are quite true. I have also personally experienced the decline of...
  14. a_majoor

    You were our heroes: Balkans survivor helps ex peacekeepers

    The 1990 era deployment to the Balkans left a lot of people damaged by the horrific conditions they encountered (and the inability to do anything about it under the UN ROE's). This story tells of how one of the survivors of the civil wars eventually reached out to some of the Canadians who were...
  15. a_majoor

    Russian Mercenaries: Vagner Commanders Describe Life Inside The 'Meat Grinder'

    Short excerpt in Russia in the 21rst Century thread Full RFE article here: https://www.rferl.org/a/russian-mercenaries-vagner-commanders-syria/29100402.html
  16. a_majoor

    How Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Strategy Got North Korea to the Table

    Given the topic of the DPRK is current news right now, I had hoped a single "Long article" thread could be maintained. A short version is in the North Korea Superthread: http://observer.com/2018/03/how-donald-trump-got-north-korea-open-to-giving-up-its-nuclear-weapons/
  17. a_majoor

    Doomsday: Why we must prepare for the coming collapse of North Korea

    OF course, the collapse of the DPRK has been predicted many times before, but this article suggests that the force behind collapsing the noxious regime of the DPRK is going to be China. I'm still inclined to think the article "When North Korea Falls" by Robert Kaplan still is a valid thought...
  18. a_majoor

    The origin of "Fake News"

    Interesting TedX talk about the origin of the term "Fake News" in this article. As always, the key observation is "follow the money", and you will be surprised(?) at who bankrolled it: https://pjmedia.com/video/sharyl-attkisson-explains-tedx-talk-origins-2016-fake-news-narrative/...
  19. a_majoor

    Strategy Page photos

    Strategy Page has been running daily photos lately. The most recent ones have been on the Viet Nam war, with today (13 Feb 2018) being a shot of the ONTOS fire support vehicle advancing in the city of Hue during the Tet Offensive. Interesting stuff...
  20. a_majoor


    Real Clear Defence has a very interesting article looking at the factors behind the Schlieffen Plan. The plan has always been one of the central planks in the histories of the Great War, so this brings it more into focus...