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  1. ModlrMike

    Flight delay/cancellation - compensation

    Question for the other LogOs in the house. Recently experienced a situation where a member's flight home was cancelled, and he needed to work at his civilian job the next day. While he would have received Class A pay for the extra travel day, he would also have been out of pocket as his service...
  2. ModlrMike

    Annuitant and Class C

    Question for the pension experts out there... If a Class A reservist who is an annuitant takes a Class C contract for international ops, how does that effect the pension? My understanding is that the 335 days rule is the important part. If the member's contract ends before they cross the 335 day...
  3. ModlrMike

    Man facing Moncton murder charge is military corporal

    From CBC: Man facing Moncton murder charge is military corporal One of the six people charged with murder in connection with the April shooting death of Joedin Leger in Moncton is a member of the Canadian military who has since been relieved of his duties. Jerek John England, 23, is a corporal...
  4. ModlrMike

    Military fines MP Kevin Vuong for failing to report criminal charge

    Rather than necropost in the 2021 election thread... here's an update on the former Liberal, now Independent MP for Spadina-Fort York: Navy hits MP Kevin Vuong with a service offence charge for failing to disclose 2019 arrest After an investigation lasting more than five months, the Royal...
  5. ModlrMike

    More WEnanigans?

    Why would a charity sell assets at a loss? Before selling properties for an apparent loss, WE Charity shut down another bidder before he could offer a higher price Toronto Star
  6. ModlrMike

    POCT Validity

    Because I can't remember, can anyone confirm that POCT is only valid for 3 years, or is it 5?
  7. ModlrMike

    Green Party

    Is the current dumpster fire that's the Green Party adding to or taking away from global warming?
  8. ModlrMike

    Who knew actions had consequences?

    Man fined $12m for police station arson during George Floyd protests A man has been ordered to pay $12m (£8.6m) for his role setting a Minneapolis police station on fire during rioting last May. The fine for Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 23, who pleaded guilty to an arson charge in December...
  9. ModlrMike

    Clothing stores - Esquimalt

    I'm headed to ESQ next month and I would like to know the hours for base clothing. Additionally, are they still just inside the dockyard gate?
  10. ModlrMike

    CANEX website attack

    Just read this on CBC. Posted for folks SA. Canex warns military personnel to check credit cards after 'malicious attack' A Canadian retailer that caters to military personnel and their families is warning its members to monitor their personal information closely after a "malicious attack" may...
  11. ModlrMike

    Class A service and AWOL

    Question: is it possible to successfully charge a Class A reservist under Sect 90 for having missed a duty watch? It is generally accepted wisdom that reserve members are only subject to the CSD under specific circumstances. That being said, I note that QR&O 103.23 does not explicitly mention...
  12. ModlrMike

    Federal Liberals In The News

    Seeing as we have a "Conservatives in the news" in the spirit of fairness, just to keep track of individuals (vs. the general political scene/climate) ... Trudeau Must Boot Liberal MP Darshan Kang From Caucus Over Sexual Harassment Allegations: NDP New Democrats are calling on Prime Minister...
  13. ModlrMike

    Basic Maritime Wafare

    So the XO is strongly suggesting that I take this course to situate me for my next half ring, despite the chance that I may time out before I get to LCdr. From those who have taken this course, what does it entail, and what can I do to prepare? Tks...
  14. ModlrMike

    Don't follow your passion.

    In a time where we have a large cohort of unemployed post secondary school graduates, Mike Rowe has some advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVEuPmVAb8o&feature=youtu.be I tend to think he's right. What many people fail to realize is that what folks call self fulfillment is the...
  15. ModlrMike

    Trade badges

    Hi folks, I'm working on a retirement project for our Chief Stoker, and I find myself in need of a good quality line drawing of the trade badge. I've searched online with relatively poor results. Can anyone out there lend a hand?
  16. ModlrMike

    Vimy 2017

    So, the wife and I were talking about going to Europe, and we're looking at Vimy in 2017. Anyone else planning to go? I imagine the CF will have a large presence, but we probably won't hear anything until after the election in 2015.
  17. ModlrMike


    Anyone else using Nike+ as a running app? I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I'm liking the data that it gives me. Then again, I'm a bit of a geek in that regard.
  18. ModlrMike

    Sailor Derek de Jong and Other Ship Misconducts?

    Sailor Derek de Jong charged with desertion was harassed, wife claims CBC News The wife of a Royal Canadian Navy officer accused of leaving his post during a military operation is speaking out ahead of his court martial, and says her husband left his ship because of an intolerable atmosphere...
  19. ModlrMike


    ...or proving that the universe requires equilibrium in all things: Rapist may have HIV I feel for the woman, regardless of how she became ill. The "man" not so much.
  20. ModlrMike

    NETP-O notes

    I'm working on the Trg Library and I noticed we're pretty thin on basic info for new Offr Cadets. Considering these folks can spend many months at the unit before they go to summer training I would like to get some info so that they can pre-read, or so that we can incorporate some basic lessons...