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  1. Wookilar

    Custom Commemorative Family Medal

    (mods, please move if there is a better sub-board for it...not that you need my permission or anything lol) Has anyone seen this: Custom Commemorative Family Medal from Canex...
  2. Wookilar

    WOrking Environment

    Ok, not sure where this should go, but this will be good to start. I am trying to find refs for working conditions; specifically ambient temperature in garrison (if such exists). I've gotten some stuff from the Safety Digest and I am currently going through the applicable collective...
  3. Wookilar

    VRAB Review Hearing Experience (and tips)

    As some of you know, I have been waiting for my VRAB review for my PTSD award some time now. Had it last Thursday. I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. My lawyer was a shark, very impressed (I'll be even more impressed if I get what she says I should get  ;D). What left the largest...
  4. Wookilar

    Looking for 25mm Bagpipers!

    Specifically, I am looking for 25mm scale bagpipes. I am kit-bashing some WH40K Noise Marines and would LOVE to have some bagpipers as my sonic weapons lol. Any ideas? Thanks. Wook
  5. Wookilar

    Looking for Cpl Ron Daley, Veh Tech, Edmonton

    Hi All, Just rearranged my office and new book shelves and found a book of poetry written by US Soldiers in Vietnam that Ron lent me. Ron's parents gave him the book, so I imagine that he would want it back. I've only had it for about 5-6 years now  ::) as that's when I left Edmonton. Last I...
  6. Wookilar

    Heroes (almost) mugged.

    Got passed this today, it made my morning so far: From The Sun (England's version). http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/campaigns/our_boys/3227540/Military-heroes-in-yobs-rout.html
  7. Wookilar

    Question Re: Searching MERX / ACAN

    Ok,.....MERX sucks. There, I've said it. Now, how do I go about trying to find things in it? I'm specifically looking for contracts that my office has put out, but I cannot get any feedback from PWGSC on whether or not they are even on MERX/ACAN. Expending funds by the end of the fiscal year...
  8. Wookilar

    Press Conference Edmonton Garrison

    Press Conference live from Garrison Edmonton and 1 CMBG CO on now on CBC. Only a few stupid uneducated questions so far  :-\ The vultures seem to be holding back a bit, waiting for comments from pers that new the bouys from 1 CER... Wook
  9. Wookilar

    INFO for New UTPNCM coming to RMC

    If you have accepted an offer for UTPNCM and are slated to come to RMC, contact me. Your acceptence messages have been lost in the ether of the intranet between CFRG and RMC Otter Sqn. I have Welcome Packages for you and your families. A lot of it is in digital format. This is just nice to...