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  1. Edward Campbell


    I received this query: "I have in my possession a 1908 pattern saber used during WW1 with the unit R.C.S. on the bowl of the saber. It is my understanding that the Canadian Signal Corps did not have the Royal at that time. Can anyone in the Signals world help identify this unit. If it is not the...
  2. Edward Campbell

    Politics in 2018

    Although he is still resting, quite comfortably, on top of the most recent polling, the last half of 2017 was less than kind to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some of his ministers. Some people are suggesting that he and his government are looking a bit tattered ...                     ...
  3. Edward Campbell

    Happy Chinese New Year

                    It's already Chinese New Year here in Hong Kong, where I am spending the next several weeks, so "Gong hei fat choy" (which isn't about the new year, per se, but is how we wish one another prosperity in Cantonese) to one and all in the Year of the Chicken (or Rooster, if you like).
  4. Edward Campbell

    Politics in 2017

    So, here we are in 2017 ... what are the big issues? Globally? Nationally?   Will Putin continue what I have dubbed his "opportunistic adventurism?" Will it, eventually, lead him into a deep cold war or, heaven forbid, even a hot one?     Will Xi Jinping start a campaign to extend his term...
  5. Edward Campbell

    Help with a picture

    Can anyone help me with a bit more info about the attached picture. What I found on my own, my Google-fu is not strong, says: "Soldiers of a Scottish Canadian regiment move up to the start line for the 2nd Battle of Cambrai 1918. Wire-cutters are fitted to the muzzles of their rifles." Can...
  6. Edward Campbell

    Academic vs. other trg for officers (split fm US Army Senior Leadership)

    I'm reasonably happy to continue to believe that there is no correlation, none at all, between academics and leadership. I have absolutely no real, documentary evidence upon which to base this belief ... but all the evidence I have seen, reading and in my own experience, suggests that I'm...
  7. Edward Campbell

    Politics in 2016

    I thought it appropriate to begin a new topic, about Canadian politics in 2016, with a column about the Trudeau Government's "reach" and "grasp" (lots of the former, not too much of the latter) by Jeffrey Simpson. It is reproduced under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act from the...
  8. Edward Campbell


    There has been several "great migrations" in history: 1,500ish years ago Europe was totally transformed as tribes like the Goths, Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Lombards, Suebi, Frisii, Jutes and Franks were pushed westwards by e.g. the Huns, Avars, Slavs, Bulgars and Alans. In all a very few million...
  9. Edward Campbell

    Politics in 2015

    David Perkins, in the Globe and Mail starts us off for a discussion of politics in what's left of 2015: Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/editorial-cartoons-for-october-2015/article26577881/
  10. Edward Campbell

    Canada's New, Liberal, Defence Policy

    And if we're going to go that route we will, likely, need more of this sort of thing, sooner rather than later, ...     and this and even this           ... and less or fewer of these:                 and this                      ... all of which might have a modest, short to medium...
  11. Edward Campbell

    Canada's New, Liberal, Foreign Policy

    I agree, this, rather than CF-18s in Iraq ...                                             ... plus throwing a wee bit of money and lots and lots of warm words at climate change, seems to be the likely first "foundation stones" of a new Liberal foreign policy.
  12. Edward Campbell

    PMJT: The First 100 Days

    If Prime Minister Harper is re-elected (even if he doesn't face parliament for several weeks) this may not be a big problem, but Col (Ret'd) George Petrolekas, of the CGAI and CDAI argues, in this article which is reproduced under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act from the Globe...
  13. Edward Campbell

    NDP National Leadership

    But, as Election 2015 goes into the last 10 days we are asking this question: My bet is on Brian Topp, again ...     He is, currently, chief of staff to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, but I'm sure he's testing the waters of the NDP's leadership pool with a view to taking it back to the...
  14. Edward Campbell

    Singapore General Election: 2015

    The Straits Times is reporting (live) on the returns from the general election in Singapore. At this time the People's Action Party (PAP), which has been in power continuously since 1965 (50 years), is leading with 71%+ of the popular vote and is elected or leading in 83 of the 89 seats. In the...
  15. Edward Campbell

    Flora MacDonald Dies

    The Ottawa Citizen reports that "Flora MacDonald, former Conservative cabinet minister, dies at 89." I knew Ms MacDonald slightly (I commanded a unit in Kingston and she was, of course, a regular visitor to the garrison mess). I do not believe that she was an especially able or productive...
  16. Edward Campbell

    VE Day Celebrations

    Here is a charming video story about VE day; it has a Canadian connection.
  17. Edward Campbell

    A Scary Strategic Problem: A failure in imagination.

    Part 1 of 2 Maybe this doesn't deserve its own thread, but I couldn't find a closely related one, and I believe that economics drives strategy (at least in part) and so economics is germane to "International Defence and Security," and I hope it will provoke some discussion about economics...
  18. Edward Campbell

    Government spending & accounting (split fm split)

    A useful infographic (sourced from the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons, David Christopherson is chair) that shows how much of our national expenditures goes towards defence:
  19. Edward Campbell


    We are, it seems to me, in several threads, here in Army.ca, skirting around a fundamental problem: Leadership ... or, perhaps, lack of same. Does anyone else remember a book by Robert Raurk called "Something of Value?" At the start of the book, Ruark quotes an old African prover:            ...
  20. Edward Campbell

    Lee Kuan Yew Dead at 91

    Media is reporting that Lee Kuan Yew has died at the age of 91. He was a towering figure in Asia ~ he provided a socio-economic model of conservative democracy that will be the foundation for whatever success the Chinese Communists may have in this century. Lee did not believe that Western...