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  1. MarkOttawa

    French navy to get two new nuclear powered almost super-carriers, first by 2038

    US Navy will love, proper carriers too: Mark Ottawa
  2. MarkOttawa

    Canadian political leaders doing best to mess up relations with India

    Conservative leader Erin O'Toole did his best not to be out-pandered by PM Trudeau with Canadian Sikhs: ‘India responds to Trudeau’s ‘ill-informed’ remarks NDP leader Jagmeet Singh noted at this Indian story: And lots more Indian reaction here: And a video of the PM speaking to Sikhs Nov...
  3. MarkOttawa

    Wide-ranging interview with MND Sajjan by American "Defense News"

    New fighter, budget, COVID-19, Quad, Five Eyes, China, Arctic...maintains budget will be OK: Canadian defense minister talks fighter competition and geopolitics When the Trudeau government took office in 2015, one of the first appointments was tapping Harjit Sajjan, a combat veteran who served...
  4. MarkOttawa

    US Navy FONOP vs RuNavy in Sea of Japan

    Not just against PRC in South China Sea, Taiwan Strait (hope they've given up on idea of one in NW Passage, were talking about it last year https://www.rcinet.ca/en/2019/05/07/u-s-navy-arctic-freedom-of-navigation-operation-northwest-passage/ )--further links at original: Mark Ottawa
  5. MarkOttawa

    Greece (and others) vs Turkey over EEZs in Eastern Med. and natural gas drilling

    All this is getting distinctly hinky-making--some stories, big implications for NATO and EU (and note Libya where Erdogan is heavily backing the GNA gov't in Tripoli--equipment, Syrian mercenaries--vs the Haftar-led rebels): And from a very good backgrounder Sept. 11 by Eric Reguly: Mark Ottawa
  6. MarkOttawa

    "B-52s to fly over all 30 NATO member states"

    One heck of a coordinated display/effort: Mark Ottawa
  7. MarkOttawa

    Canadians with the RAF and RCAF in the Battle of Britain

    We are now in the 80th anniversary--excerpts from a major article at Skies Magazine: 242 Squadron--Bader in front middle: http://www.battleofbritain1940.net/document-40.html More on the Canadian aspect (Stan Turner): http://acesofww2.com/can/aces/turner.htm During the mid-50s Group Captain...
  8. MarkOttawa

    New Canadian "Network for Strategic Analysis"

    On-line initiative involving National Defence, Queen's University's Centre for International and Defence Policy and UQAM--several pieces up (e.g. "Competitions and Power Games in the Arctic – Realities, Fictions and Implications for Canada"), several forthcoming on-line events listed: Have a...
  9. MarkOttawa

    USAF F-16 vs AI dogfight, from DARPA with video

    This sure looks intriguing, further links at orginal: Mark Ottawa
  10. MarkOttawa

    Pentagon pulling rotating USMC presence from Norway--Indo-Pacific focus

    Doesn't seem this is one of Trump's bright ideas: Mark Ottawa
  11. MarkOttawa

    Australia: "2020 Defence Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan"

    The two full docs available at link: Will we ever get such an effort from the Canadian government? Mark Ottawa
  12. MarkOttawa


    Can find nothing official with details of RCN, RCAF participation: Mark Ottawa
  13. MarkOttawa

    USAF system of systems approach to replacing MQ-9 Reaper UCAV

    Might be fielding them by time RCAF actually gets a capability: Mark Ottawa
  14. MarkOttawa

    New USAF top general is first black officer to head a US service

    Interesting timing, further links at original: Mark Ottawa
  15. MarkOttawa

    "Lessons from History for the Finnish Battlefield"

    In a very interesting post Corporal Frisk examines several conflicts, including Operation STORM: https://corporalfrisk.com/2020/05/23/lessons-from-history-for-the-finnish-battlefield/ Mark Ottawa
  16. MarkOttawa

    Sweden getting ever close to NATO

    This is a real message to Russkies (and Finns exercised with USAF too last year, see "Arctic Challenge" https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1870898/169th-fw-wrap-up-arctic-challenge-exercise-in-sweden/ ), further links at original: Mark Ottawa
  17. MarkOttawa

    Dazzle camouflage on HMCS Regina and HMCS Moncton

    Start of a major article at the The Drive's "War Zone" (further links at original): Mark Ottawa
  18. MarkOttawa

    Canada's wanting federal emergency preparedness/management

    "Over the last few decades federal governments of both stripes have been increasingly unwilling to spend money on core federal responsibilities (defence, coast guard, national policing, emergency preparedness (axing by Martin Liberals of autonomous agency, see below), First Nations' actual...
  19. MarkOttawa

    Tornado replacement: Luftwaffe to get Eurofighters, Super Hornets and Growlers?

    1) Germany reportedly moving toward a split buy of Super Hornets, Growlers and Eurofighter Typhoons to replace Tornado jets 2) The Bronk piece at RUSI: 3) And note this earlier at IISS: Talk about, er, granular anaysis that we do not see in Canada. I would think the Germans hope/expect...