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  1. Canuck10

    US Air Force SOF Fitness Program

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place for this or if it's not appropriate, but here's a general fitness program I've found and wanted to share. It's from AFSOC (Air Force Special Ops Command) with the goal of getting candidates for CCT/SOWT/PJ selection physically fit to meet SOF fitness...
  2. Canuck10

    Goretex Gaiters vs NEOS

    Hi all, as winter approaches I'm looking into ways of keeping my feet/lower legs dry. A fair amount of people in my unit have NEOS overboots, but I've heard mixed things about them. I'm looking at either a pair of NEOS, or a set of Goretex gaiters to pair with my waterproof Lowa Z-8s. Gaiters...
  3. Canuck10

    Mortar Gloves - rashes

    Hello all, Whenever I wear my issue mortar gloves for any length of time, I get a terrible rash on my wrists/top of hand. It goes away, then returns whenever I put the gloves back on. I have a pair of Mechanix work gloves, but wearing them is not an option as I'm going on DP1 shortly. Does...
  4. Canuck10

    PT preparation for Combat Engineer DP1

    Hello all, I'm most likely going to be heading to Gagetown in May for my DP1 PRes Combat Engineer course. I've been working on building up my fitness base since completion of BMQ and BMQ-L, but would welcome any input on how to prepare for my upcoming course. (If this is in the wrong section or...
  5. Canuck10

    CFRC Medical Appointment Cancellation - Am I too late?

    Hello, I am scheduled for my final appointment -  medical - this Monday at CFRC Toronto. However I have been sick in bed all week and do not feel that I will be in any shape to be medically examined this coming Monday. As directed in the CFRC's email confirming my appointment, I emailed Friday...
  6. Canuck10

    Physician Referral Form - Interchangeable?

    Hello, I'm in the middle of applying for a position with 32 CER in Toronto. I've completed my CFAT/TSD with no problems, did the FORCE test this morning and am booked for interview and medical in the next two weeks. However, I've had a problem with the FORCE - this may be a familiar story - my...