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    lee Enfields still in service?

    https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52306267991_eafe967c79_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52311504162_7b484c7a86_w.jpg A couple pics on CAF combat camera flikr page recently with soldiers on operation Nanook holding a Lee Enfield. I was of the (obviously wrong) impression that...
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    Spruce Goose rides again

    https://breakingdefense.com/2022/05/darpas-revolutionary-seaplane-wants-to-change-how-the-pentagon-hauls-cargo/ So DARPA is trying to build a new plane to do what the Spruce Goose was built to do. History may not repeat itself but it sure rhymes.
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    CF-18 High pitch angle

    http://www.canadiandefencereview.com/news?news/3359 The photo in this article shows a CF-18 escorting a B-52. The CF-18 is at a significant pitch up angle. Is the CF-18 flying straight and level with the Buff or is the photo catching the CF-18 while ascending? If the CF-18 is flying level then...
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    Russian Navy ISO container missile system

    With these containerized weapons systems Russia could place them on a cargo ship and then when they are in range of a strategic target fire a nuclear cruise missile. Then they could dump the container overboard to get rid of the evidence. The article says they can operate the weapons...
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    Cadet uniform rules

    My son is in army Cadets, we are leaving in an hour to stand to honour at the highway of heroes route for the fallen Aircrew and Sailors that died in the Cyclone crash. He has messaged his commanding officer to ask if he would be allowed to wear his uniform or not. She has not replied yet. As...
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    MSVS SMP (Mack) reception

    I'm interested in the general reception of the new Mack truck. Do the soldiers and maintainers like them? Are they as capable as advertised? I am not a CAF member just a civilian who is very interested in seeing our soldiers, sailors, and airmen/women get the equipment that need and deserve...