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  1. Scott1867

    COVID-19 Training News

    I was hoping to use this thread for any and all information regarding those of us who are waiting for training to restart. Content can be from those who are awaiting BMQ/BMOQ, those who recently graduated basic, or the more advanced career progression courses.  Any information would be...
  2. Scott1867

    BMOQ 2020 - Regular Force

    Wondering who is going to the BMOQ starting on January 13 2020.  Doing my enrolment on January 8 in Edmonton. Best, Scott
  3. Scott1867

    Told I qual for pilot, now I don't?

    I was wondering if anyone with inside recruiting knowledge could help me.  I wrote my CFAT and did, according to the recruiter during my debrief, "extremely well" and that I "definitely qualify for pilot."  I asked to pursue that trade and was told to await an email to discuss Air Crew...
  4. Scott1867

    Was it worth it?

    Hello all, Would any of you say that the life you gave up to join the Forces was worth it?  Did it fill that void you had in civilian life or would you rather hand in your fatigues knowing what you know now?  I ask this because I am seriously contemplating sacrificing the life I have in...