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  1. lethalLemon

    Most Canadians can't identify the war during which Canadians fought at Vimy

    The topic title does nothing to indicate failure of recognising exact dates. It identifies that most Canadians don't even know that the Battle of Vimy Ridge occurred during the First World War let alone 1917...
  2. lethalLemon

    Parading during an OT?

    I think you can send a memo to both the losing and gaining units with your intent to parade as an Attach Posting (?) while awaiting your transfer to be authorized. A friend of mine did that (although I think Attach Posting is the wrong term) last year when he moved from Calgary to Vancouver for...
  3. lethalLemon

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    But provincial law is given royal assent via the Queen's Representative - the Lieutenant-Governor... is it not?
  4. lethalLemon

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    That's why we have courts. Human Rights don't win and legislation don't win until the case is put before the Crown in the courts.
  5. lethalLemon

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Unfortunately yes. Provincial Human Rights Codes immediately supersede legislation if indeed it is found that a Human Rights Code is being violated and legislation prevents the protection of said person being violated. Some of it is candy-arse "waaahh he called me a dunder head" stuff but...
  6. lethalLemon

    Alberta Election (23 Apr 12)

    NO! Not Bob Rae 2.0!! I guess I'd be better off to... not vote this time? Ed Stelmach was a disappointing disgrace in my opinion and turned me off of the PCs but, my blood is just too blue to go with anyone else (as they tend to serve in my best interests).
  7. lethalLemon

    Warrant Officer DP1 Reaction

    Oh dear buddha... the hilarity is OFF THE CHARTS! :rofl:
  8. lethalLemon

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

    Couldn't take the article seriously after I read "Leopard C2." This isn't the 70's Mr. Ivison.
  9. lethalLemon

    The First Sign of Canadian Spring....rrrrrrroll up the rrrrrrrrim (merged topic)

    To revive a dead thread (oops). I ended the season 16 wins out of 28 total Large or XLarge Double-Double's. Today after a long day of work, I had purchased another (well after the end of the contest), and found myself staring into an Excel Spreadsheet... rolling up the rim on a normal ol'...
  10. lethalLemon

    Alberta Election (23 Apr 12)

    Do it. It will only show the only 2 parties that seem to exist around here that we are disgusted with how our province is run. More and more people should do this. If only they are as smart as we are.
  11. lethalLemon

    Want to join the reserves

  12. lethalLemon

    PM Chretein did all right by us

    Chemical weapons are very easy to hide and go undetected even if it's under one's nose. Mustard gas had been found to be in use in multiple soil tests. The actual deliverable and weaponized mustard gas was not located but nonetheless, present.
  13. lethalLemon

    PM Chretein did all right by us

    Took the words right out of my mouth  ;D
  14. lethalLemon

    Criminal Records Check - CRC (Merged)

    That is also not correct. It's not necessarily 1 year. It could be less, it could be more.
  15. lethalLemon

    HMCS Preserver smashes into dock - 4 Nov 2011

    Well, that's embarrassing.  :-[
  16. lethalLemon

    F-35 saga may make picking the new chief of defence staff a complicated task

    "three-star".... *shudder* I met General Beare a couple years ago, nice man and very well spoken. I could definitely see him take the reigns as the CDS and be okay, however, I don't think he'd take the job though. Like the article says, Mr Harper could appoint General Vance, which not only...
  17. lethalLemon

    Question About Postings

    I had not realized that instant messaging had been determined as a crucial military tool in which to create a whole trade designation for  ;)
  18. lethalLemon

    Military private charged in Nanaimo restaurant heist - 6 Apr 2012

    I understand that reporting crimes and such is a common journalistic pleasure, however, what is the purpose of making sure that it's mentioned that the accused are members of the CF let alone reservists? As if the CF doesn't have enough bad press from the F-35s or Williams murders, Afghanistan...
  19. lethalLemon

    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    Oh I know, I worked in Surrey Memorial Hospital for a few years, many nurses easily cleared $200k with minimal overtime. It's crazy.