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  1. dh101

    Air Tech Promotion Numbers ND Rankings

    I'm trying to find the actual official numbers of how many they're actually promoting for 2019 rankings for promotion to mcpl. I've found the CM's berief dated from late 2018 for 2019 aps. However it only shows the forecasted numbers. It's there any way to see the official numbers that they're...
  2. dh101

    Bringing Military ID while travelling out of country on leave

    I'm going on leave shortly, out of country. I'm considering whether or not to bother bringing my military ID with me. I'm considering leaving it at home so I don't have to worry about it getting stolen or someone from identifying me as military. But, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any...
  3. dh101

    Question to an MP/JAG Regarding Searches

    Hello, first off a disclaimer, I'm not writing to cause an argument or trying to challenge authority. I'm just looking on clarification on a specific topic. I would appreciate if only persons with experience / actual knowledge would give their input, thanks. So I have two questions, the first...
  4. dh101

    FRS/MS-2000M Strobe?

    Well I happened across people selling these FRS/MS-2000M Strobe lights on ebay and was wondering if they are a controlled item? They seem to sell for between 30 - 50$ and they do look real, not like a fake toy. I know you can buy night vision and IR lasers on the Civilian market in Canada, but...
  5. dh101

    Signing a Petition? Go or No Go?

    Well there is a petition that I want to sign and I really believe in the reasoning behind it. My main question is, am I barred from signing a petition as a current member of the CF, from what I remember from basic, I can't be a member of a political party, but would signing a petition get me in...
  6. dh101

    M67 Vs C13

    So I was watching a tv show and they had an M67 in it, to make a story short, I was wondering if there is any actual difference between the C13 and M67. I searched er up on google and check the forums and couldn't find anything except some people saying they are the same, some saying they wernt...
  7. dh101

    Help with Application "Declared at"?

    On the consent part of the main application, it says at the bottom of Park K Declared At _____ In the Province of __________ This ________ Day of _________ Year I know all the answers but, what is the "Declared at" is it the time? or is it the location? or what? I think it may be the time, not...
  8. dh101


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  9. dh101

    shoot ceremonial rifle

    Ok, on parade or during remembrance day they shoot rifles on parade or where ever like the "21 gun salute" but it is called something like fleur de shaue or something like that in french? anyone know how it is spelt properly
  10. dh101

    Canadian Forces Structure

    Ok if i'm worng can someone tell me the correct structure, the structure goes like this? Land Forces Command -> Brigade -> Regiment -> Company -> Platoon Is this correct or am i missing anything?
  11. dh101

    Hydration Pack Attach to Tac Vest

    I currently have the CP Gear Insulated hydration pack Carrier which I use and it works well. I was wondering if once i join the Reserves if I am able to attach the Insulated hydration pack (not the tac vest version) to a tac vest if i needed to? As in not using the straps but attaching it right...
  12. dh101

    Call Signs

    Does Anyone know of any good/cool call signs. This is just for fun, if you know any or have a favourite post em here. Edit to fix thread title spelling
  13. dh101

    Joining Reserves Questions Cadets

    Hi all, I did try doing a search to find what I'm looking for and I found a bit of info but not really what I was looking for. I'm Currently 16 and in grade 10, I'm in Army cadets and have been for the past 3 years, and I have done Basic and CL Marksman in Connaught Ontario So I'm planning on...
  14. dh101


    I'm looking for some good photos of Canadian soldier coming home when they finished there tour in Afghanistan, you know when they come in and they hug there familys and all that emotional stuff, it's for a video i'm making (a tribute) so if anyone has any photos or knows of any they don't mind...
  15. dh101

    Canada's Army game (americas army)

    Well a lot of you have probably herd of the famous PC and xbox game Called America's army put out to help advertise the US army. I was wondering if Canada was or is currently working on any kind of game similar to this one. I saw a post on some website saying something about but it was a few...