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    ceotp interview

    I have an interview for the CEOTP entry plan on Monday for Pilot.  Can anyone tell me if the interview is any different than any other interview?  Being an officer interview will it be much different than an NCM interview?
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    Link to new TV Series trailer

    http://www.zoomcom.ca/beerleague/ THought this was funny, if it is in the wrong place feel free to move it.
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    Transport Medical vs CF medical

    could someone tell me if the category 1 medical currently the standard for commercial pilots in Canada, is similar to the CF medical for pilots?  More or less if I can pass the cat 1 medical should I be able to pass the CF medical?
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    Anyone applying for Pilot got the call yet?

    Just curious, has anyone heard that has been waiting for the October board for pilot heard any news either way?
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    Treating it as a job application

    I have spent hours studying this site and I would like to say that it is a great source of CF information.  The occupation I am currently interested in is pilot.  I do not have the university degree, but am hopeful of the CEOTP opening up.  I have also further considered joining up NCM at a...
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    Herc drivers in here?

    Just curious is anyone here flying hercs?  I have a couple of questions
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    any info on entry plans would be appreciated

    I am 31 married with one little girl.  I am self employed and have been for the past nine plus years.  I would like to join the forces as a pilot.  I am currently completing my ppl.  I do not have a university degree.  So this leaves the ROTP or the CEOTP (if it reopens) as my two entry plans. ...