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  1. Bograt

    IMAX Rescue

    For those living in the Halifax area, Bayer's Lake will be showing 'Rescue'- a feature showing the multinational efforts in Haiti after the earthquake. As some of you know, HMCS Athabaskan and Halifax (and AthaB's Air Det) played a significant role, as did many other CF personnel...
  2. Bograt

    Remebrance Day Tributes on Youtube

    There are many touching tributes regarding sacrifice and service on Youtube. Here are a few that I found and shared. Please feel free to do the same. Cheers, Pittance of Time: Terry Kelly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYlrrAWCTRg Soldier Cries- Artist?? Global TV...
  3. Bograt

    It's so Cold in Manitoba.....

    How cold was it....? So cold that hell froze over- a Challenger and Polaris slot for the last multi selection. Good time to be in flying seized wing.
  4. Bograt

    Bandit Boy Missing

    Bandit Boy is missing. B Flight's pistol posing idol has been missing since early Spring. He is feared dead. Some say he left to find himself after a particularly experimental night at the mess with visiting British 419 students. Others say that he was CT'd and now is thinking about MARs-...
  5. Bograt

    New BHS syllabus

    Anyone have any information on the new syllabus for BHS? As of today, I am scheduled to be on the Small Group Evaluation beginning in December. I was wondering how the it differed from the current syllabus and how the Outlaw will be incorporated. Cheers,
  6. Bograt

    Apache Flight Facebook

    Apache Flight has a "closed group" on Facebook.com for all current and former A- Flight students and IPs. It is a place to upload photos, stories and stay in touch with old friends. How to "join" the site: 1. Register at Facebook.com 2. Perform a "Group Search" for Apache Flight 3. Request...
  7. Bograt

    “Guide to PFT” or “What I did on my summer vacation”

    Primary Flight Training (PFT) in Southport Manitoba has recently undergone a change in all aspects of the syllabus. From new aircraft, new ground school, and new delivery methods, PFT is a challenging and rewarding introduction to flying in the Canadian Forces. Immediately, one notices the new...
  8. Bograt

    New Name for the Grob G120A

    There are few criticisms of the new primary training aircraft Grob G120A. Glass cockpit, retractable gear, and fast enough to elicit a smile in even the most sour of IP faces. ;) One issue that it does have is its name. Canadian flight training has a long and celebrate tradition of excellence...
  9. Bograt

    Alligators dangerous, no matter how drunk you are...

    Just in case there was any doubt... Link can be found at http://www.theonion.com/content/node/48203 Friday smile. ;)
  10. Bograt

    Special Evaluation Course PFT

    Just got my attached posting message this morning. I am going to Portage for the Small Group Evaluation Course beginning 20 June. There are just 12 of us (4 RMC'ers). Finally after a lifetime of waiting to join the air force, and an equivalent amount of time waiting to get on course, I am about...
  11. Bograt

    Flight Acronyms

    I attempted to find these acronyms in the AIP, but was unsuccessful. ATPL Cb- CB is Cumulonimbus, not sure Cb is same CRFI MFA- MFAU is Military Flight Advisory Unit, again not sure if same PPC TROWAL
  12. Bograt

    BASELINE Official Rant

    BASELINE stinks. I believe it is actually causing damage to my retina. I believe I receive a 1000 Baseline Control Centre Alerts a day. The constant flashing of its white sign is causing me to have epileptic fits. I have tried everything to stop them, including: 1. Praying 2. Calling the...
  13. Bograt

    Career Advice from Bograt

    ;) I think I am the poster child for 30 somethings who want to become CF pilots. My inbox is full of questions like the one I received today. I thought I would post it and my response. <i>Hello, I was just going through some posts and came across yours. I too lived in summerside and...
  14. Bograt

    For all you frustrated squash fanatics

    Found this, and thought I would share. http://www.squashmagazine.com/vcm/squashmagazine/FEATURES/Introducing/index.html A Chat with Darren Hanlon Author and Singer of, Perhaps, the Only Song About Squash You can download the mp3 at the site. Why do I bother I don't know I'll turn off my...
  15. Bograt

    Future of ASW?

    Before I formally pose the question, I would like to say I have only rudimentary knowledge of the subject- limited entirely   to what I have picked up while living under the roof of an old Argus/Aurora Tacco, collected while at on OJT at a MH squadron, and simulated with video games ;) Alas, I...
  16. Bograt

    Like leaving the winning lotto ticket in you pocket....

    Like leaving the winning lotto ticket in you pocket.... when you do the laundry. Came across this story. http://ktla.trb.com/news/local/la-me-jetfighter19oct19,0,6361651.story?coll=ktla-news-1 A Super Hornet's Nest War veteran Richard Webb stirred up trouble when he buzzed an airport. The...
  17. Bograt

    Cadet Liaison Officer

    Curious to know any advice/tips/suggestions regarding being a CLO, or volunteering with a local cadet league. Feel free to PM me if it is more appropriate. Cheers,
  18. Bograt

    Canadians are culturally sensitive to others.

    I read this article online today: I distinctly remember an account a Sergent told me during a field ex de-brief. He presented a situation that happened to him while in Croatia. A 8 or 9 year old boy appeared out of a shack, and pointed a RPG at his APC. He redundantly asked "What would you...
  19. Bograt

    Rumour Mill aka The Mega

    Just a couple more weeks until another bunch of 2lts are pumped out of that beautiful landmark in St. Jean. None of us baby pilots have heard any news regarding our next step. This is what we have heard- can any of you dispell them? 1. Baby pilots are getting waived past SLT. 1 b. Baby Pilots...
  20. Bograt

    A smile for Eastern Canadians

    I found this article on CBC site this morning. It made me smile. A little light earted ribbing to our brothers on the wet coast. ;D Chilly Vancouver gives away salt, posts lifeguards at semi-frozen lakes http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/01/13/vancouver-cold050113.html VANCOUVER -...