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    Bonjour à tous, Je vous forward la publicité pour la campagne de recrutement du club de tir Valcartier de 2014. SVP en faire part aux intéressés. Nous avons accès au CT Trois-Rivières, Austère et Ortona les fin de semaines pour le tir au pistolet jusqu'à calibre .50 (selon le gabarit des CT)...
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    WTS AR-15 / 1911 / PARTS & ACCESSORIES

    Gents, As title states, I have the following for sale: Stag lower, DTI upper with 14.5'' chrome lined gov't profile barrel, A2 FH, 600m BUIS, LMT buffer tube assembly with LMT SOPMOD stock Includes BCG. Does not include a charging handle. Has 200 rounds down the pipe. 1100$ + Shipping OBO...
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    WTB CADPAT Fleece Watch Cap

    WTB CADPAT Fleece Watch Cap  ;D Has to be in New or as new condition PM me if you have any! Cheers, Hans
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    Name tags

    Hello chaps,         I am still in the process of completing my BMQ and I would like to know how to get my name tags and also my CADPAT rank insignia.  Do I have to go to supplies and ask for everything I want myself or do I for them to issue the gear to me?         Oh and when I complete my...