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  1. BadgerTrapper

    OTW Shirts

    Hey everyone, just out of curiosity. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the TW and Arid OTW shirts in the system now? I saw a bunch in the media photos for both Op Presence and Op Reassurance and was curious. Entitlement? I have an off brand of OTW shirt, in TW that serves the purpose for...
  2. BadgerTrapper

    Trenton Lifestyle

    Good Evening everyone! I just received a posting message for Trenton and had a few questions for anyone willing to listen, never been outside the atlantic provinces so it'll be quite the system shock. 1.) How are the PMQ's up there? 2.) Areas nearby for hunting, bushcrafting and camping? (I...
  3. BadgerTrapper

    ISO/WTB CTOMS 1st Line Medic pouch

    Looking to buy a CTOMS 1st line med pouch, ideally the old gen pouch. However I'm also willing to buy a Frontline or something along those lines. Really just in search of a pouch for my rig, let me know what you have available. Thanks! :cdn:
  4. BadgerTrapper

    Medical Drop Leg Pouch recommendations

    Hey, Everyone. I've lately been looking at drop leg medical pouches to serve as my first line med kit in a dismounted role, I've found a pouch that I like and seems functional. Can hold enough gear to handle one to two patients depending on severity/injury as part of the MAR of the MARCCHE...
  5. BadgerTrapper

    NCM-SEP Med Tech Wages?

    Hey everyone, just a quick post. I tried a search but I turned up no results, also the Captain I've been dealing with at the RC is on leave until Monday so I've no way of asking or inquiring. I was just curious as to what the wages are for an NCM-SEP Med Tech student, I could not find anything...
  6. BadgerTrapper

    NCM-SEP Medical Technician Selections?

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone knew whether NCM-SEP Med Tech selections were still underway? I called the CFRC a couple weeks back and all they could tell me was that selections were underway, at this stage of the game I believe I probably missed the selections. I just wanted to...
  7. BadgerTrapper

    Gift Idea for Ex-Military?

    Hey guys and gals, I don't normally post here, tending to lurk in the shadows and learn through osmosis. I was wondering if you people could make suggestions as to what a good gift would be for a Vehicle Tech (22 Years) turned teacher? He's a great guy and was instrumental in my deciding to join...
  8. BadgerTrapper

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

    Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone! Drink responsibly, any of you have plans? Funny Stories about Saint Pat's day?
  9. BadgerTrapper

    Joseph Kony 2012

    Hey people, normally I wouldn't really get involved with these causes. Though I'm making an exception, instead of writing 2-3 paragraphs as to who Joseph Kony is, this video says more than I ever could. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc To Mods: If there's a...
  10. BadgerTrapper

    Med Tech Subsidized Training

    Hey people, I was unsure whether I should post this on the Recruiting Board or the CF Medical Group board. Mods, feel free to move this if you desire. I went to CFRC Det Moncton today to hand in my application, the recruiter asked me what trade I was applying for and I told him Non-Com Med...
  11. BadgerTrapper

    Medical Technician's and the Combat Arms.

    Hey, Guys and Girls. My Name's Patrick, I'm 17 and I graduate this year (Will be 18 in July). I was looking into trades in the Forces similar to the USMC Corpsman or the US Army's Medic and all directions have pointed towards Medical Technicians, I'm aware that you're pretty much posted where...
  12. BadgerTrapper

    Unit Information, 1st Battalion NS Highlanders.

    Hey guys, as some of you may know. I'm currently going through the process of joining the Infantry reserve, I was wondering if you guys had any experience interacting with this unit, possibly former Highlanders? I'm just trying get some first hand experience from you experienced guys(and gals)...
  13. BadgerTrapper

    Revolutionizing Fortified Structures?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBHVKFCoYFc&feature=player_embedded So, the video pretty much speaks for itself. What are your opinions on this technology? Practical? Downright cool? Personally, this rocks my socks.
  14. BadgerTrapper

    1st Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders accepting Infantry?

    Hey people, I was wondering if any of you happened to be members of the Highlanders, and if you know whether or not they're accepting recruits? The website says that they're accepting recruits with open arms, while another one of my friends who is actually in the regiment says that the Infantry...
  15. BadgerTrapper

    KA Bar Bull Dozier

    Hey people, I was wondering if any of you have had experience using a KA Bar Bull Dozier knife. I've been looking for a new knife since my Gerber finally gave out, (I lost the tip of it in the rib of a moose) the Bull Dozier seems like a good knife. I've been reading reviews online, but they all...
  16. BadgerTrapper

    Long Range Support Weapons?

    Hello, as you can already probably tell. I'm new here, I'm looking into Armored Recce and a thought came to mind. Are the Recce LAV's outfitted with any kind of LRSW? Whether it's a C14 or an (oh so awesome) McMillan Tac-50? (I'm trying to provoke a discussion from this, so please don't just say...
  17. BadgerTrapper

    Reserve Force

    Hello people, I am looking into a career in the Military; possibly Armored Recon. However I've gotta start somewhere, I would like to join a Reserve force. Two of the local Reserves are A Squadron, 8th Canadian Hussars and 1st Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders. I was wondering if anyone possibly...