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  1. Inch

    Report to Moderator Function

    Good day everyone, I have noticed that some of you are of the impatient variety and click the submit button more than once when reporting a post to a Moderator. Every time you do this, it does send and we end up with an email every time you click it. This morning I had 8 emails that were all...
  2. Inch

    Pistols - Where to buy

    There's a few pistols I've got my eye on, like a Glock 17 for starters. I've found a few online places like Ellwood Epps in Orillia to purchase pistols from but I was hoping there were a few of you out there with some experience that could point a first time buyer in the right direction. Either...
  3. Inch

    Question for the resident medics-Colds and Flu's

    It's cold and flu season and currently there's an upper respiratory infection going around, at least here in Halifax. I went to the MIR this morning to get grounded since I wouldn't be able to fly in the condition I'm in and as I left the MIR, a question popped into my head based on what the...
  4. Inch

    Our own forum!

    BZ Mike! It nearly brought a tear to my eye when upon arriving home after 3 hours in the simulator, I log onto my favourite web site and I'll be jiggered, there's an Air Force forum complete with the Air Command motto "Sic Itur Ad Astra" which for those that don't know, translates to "Such is...
  5. Inch

    Subs vs. Cormorants

    I saw this editorial today in the Halifax Chronicle Herald, kind of a neat comparison and a blatant example of how the media jumps on one thing but not another similar problem. Cheers http://www.herald.ns.ca/stories/2004/10/25/fEditorial125.raw.html Monday, October 25, 2004  The Halifax...
  6. Inch

    Swiss Jet Jocks (video)

    This was posted on the pilot forum, thought a few of you aspiring jet types might like it.   Hell, I'm a helo driver and I think this video is some pretty cool stuff.   Enjoy.   ;D http://raoulitor.free.fr/MIII.wmv
  7. Inch

    New MH Announcement

    Well, the MND is going to be in Shearwater tomorrow.   I don't think he's just dropping by to say hello.   The MHP winner should be announced at 0930 or thereabouts.   As for which way they're going to go....there was a few "party" tents set up at Grumman at Halifax Int'l, Grumman is a partner...