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  1. Bigmac

    Passenger train quarantined in northern Ontario

    http://www.canada.com/topics/news/national/story.html?id=8ad78a10-61da-4ae0-83dd-68da89156fb1 Condolences to the family of the woman. Not to be disrespectful of the deceased but for the sake of the other passengers hopefully it was an acute medical condition and not something communicable?
  2. Bigmac

    Israel's military shows off new unmanned, armed patrol vehicle

    http://technology.sympatico.msn.ca/Israels+military+shows+off+new+unmanned+armed+patrol+vehicle/News/ContentPosting.aspx?isfa=1&newsitemid=45953024&feedname=CP-TECHNOLOGY&show=False&number=0&showbyline=True&subtitle=&detect=&abc=abc&date=True $600,000 per unit?? Steep price but worth it if it...
  3. Bigmac

    ISAF soldier killed in vehicle crash in southern Afghanistan

  4. Bigmac

    4 Canadians wounded in suicide bombing west of Kandahar city

    http://www.recorder.ca/cp/World/070707/w070717A.html Speedy recovery soldiers!
  5. Bigmac

    Warship's arrival signals Canada's new international muscle

       A crowning acheivement for Canadian diplomacy! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20070601.BELFAST01/TPStory/TPInternational/Europe/
  6. Bigmac

    Flags burned at veterans' graves in Washington, replaced with swastikas

    http://www.recorder.ca/cp/World/070528/w052856A.html        What an absolutely disgusting act, to degrade the graves of veterans and burning national flags on Memorial Day! Whatever group did this, be it anarchists, neo nazis, etc, they should be branded terrorists and crushed like the insects...
  7. Bigmac

    Taliban turn their focus on cities.

            It would appear that the Taliban, for now, are only going to try to maintain control of the rural ground that they have currently attained. They are going to push out small cells of young jihadists into the cities to distract NATO and then they will try to take more ground rurally...
  8. Bigmac

    General Ehsan ul Haq holds talk with Canadian counterpart

           Hopefully our CDS and others can get the Pakistan military to get online with border protection issues. more on link: http://www.app.com.pk/en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9165&Itemid=2
  9. Bigmac

    Opium in Afghanistan: A bad trip

             Below is an excellent article on the opium issue in Afghanistan. They provide a very good overview of how the opium production finances Taliban activity and how farmers have no choice but to grow poppies. They give good ideas on how to lessen or stop the opium production in the country...
  10. Bigmac

    Two Canadian Soldiers Injured - April 1st/ 2007

    http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/v-printerfriendly/story/3930338p-4541901c.html Get well soon troops!  :salute:
  11. Bigmac

    Native American 'Shadow Wolves' hunt for terrorists

    http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2007/03/native_american.html       A great story about some extraordinary men. They are teaching tracking skills and native hands signals to border guards to prevent terrorists from crossing the Afghanistan Pakistan border. My grandmother is Mi'kmaq so I...
  12. Bigmac

    Leaf great added to Walk of Fame

    http://www.mississauganews.com/mi/people/v-printmississauga/story/3901627p-4512538c.html       Great news, congrats to Bower! At least he knows what it's like to hoist the cup in Toronto. When will we see the cup in Toronto again?? :crybaby:
  13. Bigmac

    'CPR Glove' invented by Ontario students sets investors' hearts racing

    http://healthandfitness.sympatico.msn.ca/Bell.Sympatico.CMS/Print.aspx?type=feed&lang=en&feedname=cp-health&newsitemid=12479015     Waste of money if you ask me. Hey, I think they also have a sequined glove that assists you to moonwalk! ::)
  14. Bigmac

    Canadian soldiers arrested after drunken brawl

    http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/     Boys will be boys! Unfortunate incident, but they will be dealt with by their RSM I guarantee.
  15. Bigmac

    U.S. tourist in Costa Rica kills mugger with bare hands

    http://www.recorder.ca/cp/World/070223/w022310A.html       Good on you Granpa! Go ahead punks, make his day! :threat:
  16. Bigmac

    Terror suspect Mahjoub ordered released from detention pending review of case

    http://www.recorder.ca/cp/National/070215/n0215128A.html       If this man is a known high ranking member of a terorist organization why is he still here? Why are we pussyfooting around or is the government worried they may be wrong about him and have to shell out another few million for...
  17. Bigmac

    In most expensive Turkish film, Americans in Iraq murder for pleasure

    http://newsfromrussia.com/science/2006/02/02/72256.html       I wonder whose idea it was to make this jewel of a movie? This will certainly help relations between Turkey and the US?! :-\
  18. Bigmac

    Afghan general says Canadian who shot convoy driver should be punished

          If the driver was passing the inner cordon and did not stop as directed then the canadian soldier had no choice but to react. Clearly the driver did not understand what he was doing. Yes, it was a mistake but it was the driver's mistake. It was an unfortunate incident so perhaps the Afghan...
  19. Bigmac

    American, SAfrican dog handlers build rock mural to honour Canadian troops

    http://www.recorder.ca/cp/World/070209/w020918A.html     Great story! Kudos to the dog handlers for acknowledging our troops sacrifices!  :salute: :cdn:
  20. Bigmac

    Turkey sends warships to Cyprus amid row over oil deals: report

    http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=161181       Will the Cyprus issue ever be resolved?? ???