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  1. combat_medic

    LAV III Courses - questions

    Is there anyone here who can answer some questions on the LAV III courses (no rumours or guesswork, please... I've heard too much of that already and am looking for definitive answers): 1. Is there a separate course for each posn of Driver, Gunner, and Crew Commander, or is it one course? 2...
  2. combat_medic

    BMQ Enhanced

    So as not to derail the previous thread(s) in which this was discussed, I'd like to find out more information about this new BMQ Enhanced Course. Particularly the following: 1. Will it replace/eliminate the SQ altogether? 2. When is it expected to be implemented? I understand the pilot course...
  3. combat_medic

    Open House, Vancouver - Seaforth Highlanders

    For all those of you who are in the Lower Mainland area and are considering joining the reserves, particularly the infantry, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada will be holding an open house this Saturday, March 12th from 3:30 pm to 8 pm. Event Highlights include: - Urban fighting/house...
  4. combat_medic

    Canadians in Belgium 1944

    I have a friend whose currently working on some scale models involcing Canadian soldiers, and I need some information to make them accurate. They're in Belgium, around the area of Antwerp between September and October 1944 (give or take). Does anyone know which units would have been in this...
  5. combat_medic

    Reproduction WWII Medals

    Just wondering if anyone here knows where I can get a reproduction of some WWII medals, particularly the DCM, MM and campaign stars. Preferably ones that look reasonably authentic, and not crappy costume ones. Thanks.
  6. combat_medic

    US Warrant Officers

    Having been trying to memorize the US rank system for a little while now, I‘ve come across a little snag. I‘m trying to figure out how Warrant Officers fit into the grand scheme. As far as I can tell, they don‘t appear to be commissioned, but are not enlisted either. They seem to be their own...
  7. combat_medic

    Medical Restructure

    Well, I‘ve been astounded yet again. The Canadian Forces Medical Services, or health services, or dental and ballroom dancing services (they‘ve changed their name too many times to keep track) have dealt the killer blow to medics everywhere. They‘ve sent a letter to all medics saying that...
  8. combat_medic

    Medical Services restructuring...

    This is a question I‘m putting out not only to the other medics out there, but with anyone who has had some recent experience with this: Recently the CF medical trades all banded together to form the Canadian Forces Medical Group, and then separated from the army to become their own branch...
  9. combat_medic

    17 steps of battle procedure

    Is there anyone here that has the 17 steps of battle procedure somewhere on the internet? I‘ve had little luck looking them up (getting ready for the leadership course this summer). Also, any advice on taking the course would be more than welcome.
  10. combat_medic

    Red/ Green/ White Poppies- Does The Colour Matter?- Merged

    A new kind of poppies were introduced with a black center to more effectively reflect the look of a real poppy. Which do you prefer? Do you like the black center (new) or the green center (old)?
  11. combat_medic

    The Personal Weapons Test (C7 PWT)

    Got a quick question. My unit is going to be doing a range ex in the near future, and we‘re all doing the PWT (personal weapons test). Now, I was told that because I‘m a medic and not in the infantry, that I don‘t need as high of a score to pass, and that it‘s far easier for me to get crossed...