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  1. WEng87

    Toronto police ramp up patrols near CN Tower over 'potential risk'

  2. WEng87

    WEng87 >> WatchDog87

    With the impending Career/Trade change, I thought a name change was also in order as I step away from my beloved Weapons Engineering world. If anyone has an issue with the new name, let me know.
  3. WEng87

    Military Police K9 Units

    Since accepting my VOT I've been doing some thinking far far into the future, as I know getting into the specialties of the MP world are a ways off for me just yet. Just wondering if anyone knows how many K9s the MP world has at the moment and what the turn over rate usually is?  I would...
  4. WEng87

    Military Policeman charged with cocaine trafficking.

    Well, this is always good... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/military-police-officer-gander-charged-cocaine-trafficking-1.4616091