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  1. JBoyd

    Receieved the Call

    Well after a well worth it wait I have received an offer for AES Op (which I accepted), I am to be enrolled later this month and will start BMQ in the middle of November. I also received a call right after the previous one by someone at the CFRC that had been handling my file for quite some...
  2. JBoyd

    Mortar found during house cleaning

    Mortar found during house cleaning by Castanet Staff - Story: 49821 Sep 28, 2009 / 12:00 pm A Vernon homeowner made quite a discovery while cleaning out here basement on Sunday. RCMP say they were called to a home in the 8100 block of Tronson Road after the owner discovered what seemed to be...
  3. JBoyd

    Britain's appeal over soldier payouts slammed

    Article Link The British government is facing heavy criticism for trying to reclaim some of the compensation awarded to two injured soldiers at a time when the country's troops are sustaining heavy losses in Afghanistan. On a day when church bells across Britain chimed for the repatriation of...
  4. JBoyd

    New recruiting booking mandate?

    I just got off the phone with my file manager at CFRC Vancouver, I had called to find out when I could or would have my Interview and Medical booked. My file manager explained to me that currently they have a cease on all bookings and that when they resume booking they will only be booking for...
  5. JBoyd

    Samsung Rugby™ A836 mobile-phone

    Samsung Rugby™ A836 From Rogers Samsung RUGBY™ The newest addition to Rogers family of rugged mobile phones sports a claim to meet military specifications for resistance against rain, humidity, drop, shock, vibration and dust. Gimmick or great? thoughts? (edited thread title)
  6. JBoyd

    Merged Child Custody in CF thread (joint custody, etc.)

    Posting this in Radio Chatter as I cannot think of a suitable section for this post, feel free to move to a more suitable section if need be. Also, I have tried searching for something similar but have not come across anything. (EDIT: Thank you George) To put things as simply as possible, my...
  7. JBoyd

    Rhino Liner

    Just watched an episode of Smash Lab on Discovery, this episode they tested the ability for Rhino Liner (truck bed liner) to withstand explosions as stated by the manufacturer. The results were amazing, they eventually (through other smaller experiments) were successfully able to protect a...
  8. JBoyd

    US Military Pay Raise

    looks like our neighbors to the south are getting a nice raise... http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,158332,00.html
  9. JBoyd

    JBoyd - A Recruiting Story

    Well I have seen a few threads that follow this theme, so I figured it was about time I created one about myself... Let me start off with saying that applying and enrolling in the Canadian Forces has been a goal and dream of mine for quite some time.. my great-grandfather and grandfather both...
  10. JBoyd

    Block Death & Fallen Art

    My wife stumbled across these and they gave me a nice chuckle Block Death - http://www.funny-city.com/animations/block-death.shtml Fallen Art - http://www.funny-city.com/1744/ Hope you guys enjoy
  11. JBoyd

    Question Regarding the Interview Process, More Specifically Previous Drug Use.

    First off i want to apologize to the DS, i know that this topic has a 1001 threads on it, and i have searched through and read a majority of them looking for a more specific answer to my questions than the one most often given. I do not wish to start a huge thread on previous drug use. I...