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  1. armybuck041

    Wanted: Original C1 SMG Sling (64 Pattern era)

    Gents, Last item in my hunt is a C1 SMG Sling. This is the style with gated hook on one end and the standard buckle for a sling swivel on the other. Thanks! Scotty
  2. armybuck041

    WTT: My modified Jump Ruck for your original unmolested C2 Ruck

    Good Morning Gents, I am looking to trade my C2 Ruck modified into a Jump Ruck for an original unmolested C2 Ruck with the correct 64 pattern style straps and rubber bag. If you have one of the earlier rubberized valises, that would be a bonus i'd pay extra for. Reason is that I need a C2 Ruck...
  3. armybuck041

    Wanted: Silva Ranger or Brunton Compass

    Hi Guys, As with my other WTB posts, i'm looking for either a Silva Ranger or Brunton Compass to complete some props (P64 Webbing) for my M151A2. PM me if you have anything. Scotty
  4. armybuck041

    Wanted: FN C1A1 Bayonet and Scabbard

    Hey Fellas, I'm looking for an FN Bayonet and Scabbard to complete some props (P64 Webbing) for my M151A2. PM me if you have anything. Scotty
  5. armybuck041

    Wanted: P64 Webbing and Dewat/Deactivated FN

    Hello Gents, I'm looking for a few items to polish off displaying my recently restored M151A2. I'm looking for a complete set of Pattern 64 Webbing. I've got some of the parts, but would love to build exactly whats in the photo below: Also looking for a Dewat/Deactivated FN. Not really...
  6. armybuck041

    Canadian Forces Junior Officer Development Programme (CFJOD)

    Sorry to resurrect this, but it seems like the best place to pose this question: With all the changes from OPME to the JOD, does anyone know if the Technology and Warfare OPME can still be PLAR'd after completing AOC? I purposely left this one, but now i'm wondering if i'm going to be roped...
  7. armybuck041

    Commissioning Scroll problem (havn't received it after 3 years)

    Good Morning Fellas, I was selected for the CFRP in 2009. After approx 5 months on the CFB Trenton BTL, I was posted to a Unit in Gagetown. Fast forward to 2012, I still haven't received a Commissioning Scroll. I'm now in the NCR so I figure this is good time to try and request one. I suspect...
  8. armybuck041

    MILTARY DRILLS, PT - "Get 'Er Done": Seriously???

    I'm not one to post up this this stuff, but seriously? "This is NOT for the weak" http://ontario.kijiji.ca/c-services-fitness-personal-trainer-MILTARY-DRILLS-PT-Get-Er-Done-W0QQAdIdZ319556348 Edited to add screen capture in case the add disappears :)
  9. armybuck041

    Wanted: Red Seatbelt Decal found in DND/CF Vehicles during 80s-90s

    Hey Fellas, OK, i'm at wits end with this one. Just putting the finishing touches on my 1974 M151A2CDN "Jeep". I have nearly everything for it now to make it period correct for 1986 except for that damn Red/Black Bilingual Decal "Seatbelts must be worn while vehicle is in motion... CFAO **-*"...
  10. armybuck041

    4 CER Germany Guys, I need some help with a Jeep restoration.....

    Fellas, I'm restoring a Canadian M151A2 1/4 Ton, aka, "74 Pattern Jeep", "Roll-over Jeep", "Throwaway Jeep", "Disposable Jeep", "MUTT"... ie, the other Jeep before the Iltis, not the Willys M38A1 Jeep. These would have been in use from 1974 until 1987ish when the Iltis came into the system...
  11. armybuck041

    I'm restoring an old 403 Sqn Vehicle. I have some questions....

    Hello, In my quest to restore an old Army Jeep, I ended up buying an M151A2 a while back. Initially, the provenance of the vehicle wasn't of great importance, but as I spend more time working on it, I have become quite interested. By way of some detailed hunting through CF Vehicle Databases...
  12. armybuck041

    Wanted: Iltis Tires and Iltis Trailer

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for 5 x Iltis Tires. Prefer something with 75% or better tread remaining (new preferred). I do not require rims. Also looking for a decent M101CDN2/M100 1/4 Ton Trailer. armybuck043@hotmail.com Thanks
  13. armybuck041

    Suspect in bomb plot was Canadian soldier

    07 Jun 2006 06:25:16 EDT http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2006/06/07/wednesday-suspects.html More details were emerging Wednesday about an alleged bomb plot in Ontario and about one of the suspects and his alleged plan to behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper. As well, there were also...
  14. armybuck041

    Ground Designation

    Agree'd.... The current FOM and Ground Designation process needs to be overhauled to realistically conduct Combat Operations. We ran into many situations during my time on Athena where the FOM process and the Tactical Situation didn't meet eye to eye. Trying to covertly establish Op's and...
  15. armybuck041

    2 Troop Sappers respond to a Slovenian Mine Strike

    05 â “ 06 JULY 05 SLOVENIAN MINE STRIKE RESPONSE After sustaining a civil war and Soviet occupation, Afghanistan is littered with millions of land mines, which are very real threats, and precautions are taken as part of every operation. This threat became a reality on Tuesday the 5th of July...
  16. armybuck041

    HELP!!! I need some clarification on some Infantry Dismounted Attack Doctrine

    Hi guys, I need some help to settle a bet with my OC. During our ROE Trg for Op Athena III the point was brought up that we are instinctivly trained to "Double Tap" the centre of visible mass of a target. This kinda goes against the ROE's as they strongly advise to use deliberate aimed "Shots"...