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  1. OLD F of S


        In the current military news update there is a story about Murder Confession CWM exhiit centerpiece I tried to read it but cannot get the National Post story could anyone enlighten this old soldier as to what they are refering.                                           Regards OLD F of S
  2. OLD F of S

    Getting rid of snapping turtles

            Has anyone ideas on how to get rid of these pests? I have just stocked my pond with 200 8 inch rainbow trout and I am worried about the fish being eaten. I have dispatched two to turtle heaven but I am wondering how I can discourage these critters.                                  ...
  3. OLD F of S

    tankless watwer heater

      Has anyone any experience with this type of heater, I am considering buying one but would like some real input rather than the slick adverts.                                          Regards OLD F of S
  4. OLD F of S

    Change of trade number 291 to 00120

            The change of numbers will sure get confusing for us oltimers, it will be hard to refer to them as 00120 ers.                           Regards OLD F of S
  5. OLD F of S

    22 Hornet

                  Does anyone out there use a Hornet, just bought one and am looking for a supplier to purchase rounds. I had 20 rounds but used them on zeroing and getting used to the weapon, looks like a fine varmit rifle.                           Regards OLD F of S
  6. OLD F of S

    Profiles of posters

            Just a personal observation, it would help an old soldier if posters filled in their profiles it would assist me in determining from which orfice they speak.                     Regards Old F of S