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  1. bridges

    Lieutenant Governor's Military Service Pin - for Sask. residents, past & present

    http://ltgov.sk.ca/news-and-events/military-service-pin A new initiative from the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, to recognize residents of Saskatchewan who've served in or with the military.  Almost any Canadian military service is recognized - either as a CF mbr or police...
  2. bridges

    VA hospital kept a "secret list" of veterans awaiting care.

    This article, including the story of one veteran who died of cancer while in a seven-month queue (he was supposed to see a doctor within a week), can speak for itself - but here are a few arresting snippets...
  3. bridges

    HRMS - multiple profiles, causes problems in course registration

    Just thought I'd float this question, part-way through the resolution process - any advice would be most appreciated.  I'm ex-military, now PS.  Every time I register for a course using my civ PRI #, the course sign-in sheet comes back showing my old military SN instead.  The course admin staff...
  4. bridges

    War Museum vandals sought by Ottawa police

    I didn't hear about this at the time-?  If this is a repeat or should go in Military History instead, plse move accordingly. Reproduced IAW the Fair Dealings provision of the Copyright Act. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/story/2012/10/12/ottawa-war-museum-vandalism.html
  5. bridges

    NORAD, USNORTHCOM names HQ bldg after Canadian, U.S. air force generals

    http://www.northcom.mil/News/2012/100112.html http://www.northcom.mil/News/2012/100112a.html More at links, incl. some quotes from LGen (Retd) Findley.
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    Fire extinguished at Saskatchewan potash mine (20 miners still underground)

    Reproduced here under the Fair Dealings provision of the Copyright Act. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/story/2012/09/25/sk-fire-potash-mine-1209.html I hope everyone gets back up top ok. 
  7. bridges

    Requesting speakers or CF participation for Remembrance Day

    FYI the centralized website is up, for members of the public to request speakers or CF participation for Remembrance Day and National Veterans' Week events (5-11 Nov 2012).  You start by filling in your postal code, & then it gives options for where your speaker could come from; once you click...
  8. bridges

    Feed shortage forcing Pinto Valley Ranch to sell horses

    This story is related to the current drought in Ontario.  I noticed that the operator of this ranch is also in the CF, so thought it might be of interest here.  Looks like a nice place, actually - I may pop by for a ride soon.    By Peter Henderson, The Ottawa Citizen. Reproduced under the...
  9. bridges

    SIN cards headed for scrap heap

    I seem to remember being asked to produce my SIN card in order to access some kind of government service in the last few years, but can't remember what for.  Haven't carried it in the wallet for years, not since the army got rid of using the SIN as our service numbers.  The card still has the...
  10. bridges

    CWO Barry Birmingham, Rad Op

    It was 12 years ago this past weekend, that CWO Barry Birmingham passed away.  I haven't found any threads about him here, but if I've missed it, feel free to delete or merge. Barry started his career in the '60s as a Boy Soldier and rose through the ranks as a Rad Op, in the Reg Force and then...
  11. bridges

    Ottawa refugee opens new restaurant

    I know this may draw fire from those who hate refugees or the CBC or restaurants, but I just thought this was kind of a neat success story - & also for anyone who happens to know this old KFC in the west end of Ottawa. From CBC.ca (author not listed), link reproduced here under the Fair...
  12. bridges

    The Forgotten Heroes monument in NS: animals who served with the CF

    I recently received an invite to the unveiling of a monument, for 1 July 2012; I think it's a laudable project and worth passing on to the Milnet.ca community.  An initiative of Noah Tremblay, a 12-year-old boy in Bass River, NS, this started as a school project and has grown to the...
  13. bridges

    What do the maple leaf icons mean?

    The post at the link below has a great description of user level rankings, but nothing on the maple leaf icons - I'm just curious what they mean - the qty, the colours & why some have them but others, including more experienced posters, don't.  Before posting this question I searched via both...
  14. bridges

    Seeking quotation fm WWI or II, re being prom to a high rank at a young age

    Greetings all, A colleague has been approached by someone involved in future promotion policy, and who is seeking "a short, pithy quotation by or about a First or Second World War soldier -- not airman or sailor -- promoted to a high rank at a young age because of demonstrable leadership...