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  1. Mountie

    LAV 6.0

    I've read a few articles about the LAV 6.0 and the information on the number of dismounts has varied between 6 and 7.  I've been inside one and it seems like 7 would be a tight squeeze.  Can anyone confirm how many dismounts the LAV 6.0 is designed to carry? If it is only 6 is the rifle section...
  2. Mountie

    Combat Signal Regiment - Australian Brigades

    Does anyone know why Australian brigades added a second signal squadron to a few years ago?  They now have a Combat Signal Regiment (2 signal squadrons + hq/support squadron) per combat brigade.  The British were also deploying full regiments with each brigade during their Afghanistan...
  3. Mountie

    19 Light Brigade

    Can someone provide the general organization of 19 Combat Service Support Battalion found in 19 Light Brigade?  I thought it was to be a composite battalion with a brigade logistics squadron, a maintenance company and a medical squadron.  Is this correct?  The official British Army website shows...
  4. Mountie

    Infantry Section Organization

    How is the basic rifle section (mechanized in the LAV-III) structured and can it be improved upon?  If so how?  I know the organization of the section, but how is it structured in battle?  More specifically the dismounted element.  How does the 7-member dismounted element fight?  Does it operate...
  5. Mountie

    Optimal Standing Task Force (From: The Optimal Battle Group vs. the Affiliated Battle Group)

    With regards to the infantry battle or battle group being 'too large', I would somewhat disagree.  Is the battle group too big, or is the task force too big?  Many posts refer to them as one in the same.  However, Task Force Afghanistan contains more than just the battle group if I'm not...
  6. Mountie

    Admin Company

    Wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate the admin company.  The new task force organizations see the admin company combined with elements from the service battalion to form a Forward Support Group.  So why not just eliminate the admin company, use the infantry personnel to beef up the rifle and...
  7. Mountie

    US Army NLOS-C Battery

    Does anyone know how the US Army plans to organize their artillery batteries once they are equipped with the NLOS-C variant of the Future Combat System?  The only thing I could find was that a battery was to have two platoons of 3 x NLOS-Cs each.  There will be no FO/FIST teams since with all...
  8. Mountie

    Reassigning Combat Arms trades

    There have been other posts regarding joining the officer trades into a general Combat Arms Officer or joining the separate MOCs into a Combat Arms MOC.  There have also been posts about reassigning combat support trades to different branches.  Here is another option for discussion. Rather the...
  9. Mountie

    Whither the Artillery

    Do you Gunners think that the time is coming that the artillery regiments will be strictly mortars, no artillery at all?  The other question is can 120mm mortars replace the 105mm gun/howitzer?  I have tried researching the topic as much as possible.  I have found two articles in US military...
  10. Mountie

    Combat Support Regiment

    MCG, To allow the battle groups to keep their own engineer squadrons but not lose the capabilities you are talking about what do you think of grouping the traditional engineer support squadron into a Combat Support Regiment under brigade control and leaving the field squadrons in the battle...
  11. Mountie

    NATO Standard Equipment - What If???

    What if NATO Armies were to get together and use one standard set of vehicles, weapons and helicopters?  What vehicles, weapons and helicopters would you choose? Here are my choices? Armoured Combat Vehicle - LAV-III Stryker with Protected Weapons Station (Canada/US) Fire Support Vehicle -...
  12. Mountie

    WW2 CSS element of a Brigade HQ??

    Just curious if anyone has a link, or an info, on the details of the CSS element of a Brigade Headquarters in a WW2 Canadian Infantry or Armoured Brigade?  I have found great detail on the actual CSS units and the CSS element of the Division HQ, just wondering about the Brigade HQ element.